Tê Timer

Tê Timer is a collaboration between Swedish Afteroom and Taiwanese Waterfall, materializing the relationship between tea and time in one product. The joint venture is a bound publication of a graphic arts collection curated by Waterfall and at the same time a container of a tea brick produced by Afteroom. 

Waterfall founder and editor Shauba Chang on Tê Timer: ”It’s like we put time into a container to exam it by an action, as a result, we make a timer … We make tea. We wait for film to be developed. We see leaves fallen from the tree. And eventually, we all grow a timer in our own body.”  The Afteroom Tea Brick is made of extra sun-dried Gui Fei Oolong Tea, which exudes a unique fruity aroma and sweet honey tastes and is produced in Nantou, Taiwan where it was picked up by Afteroom on one of their travels.

Get the Tê Timer here