Takeo Paper

While running around with our Tenue de Nîmes crew I was invited by Takeo Paper, to visit their head office and showroom in Tokyo. Takeo, a paper trading company founded more than a century ago, in 1899, brings the tradition of Japanese paper (wash) to a next level. Entering the high-white showroom you could easily thinking you arrived in a laboratory. Small cabinets filled with a rainbow of paper. More than 9000 kinds of paper, in every colour of the rainbow, from super light weight to massive cardboard, this place is a walhalla for everyone who loves paper, textures, tactility and luxurious materials.

Working closely with the designworld, Takeo keeps materializing its clients’, specifiers’ and end-users’ requests one after the other into new products that fit with the times. In addition, as a paper dealer representing Japan and Asia, TAKEO also introduces papers from around the world to its markets. But truth must be told, there is nothing like Japanese paper.

They’ve just opened a new shop, the Takeo Aoyama Paper Salon. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to visit it this time, but we’ll come back anytime soon!

Takeo Aoyama Paper Salon

4-2-5, 1F, Place Aoyama, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1500002, Japan
Open; 11am – 19pm

Takeo Showroom

3-18-3, Kanda Nishiki cho, Chiyoda, Tokyo 1010054 Japan