Where Chefs Eat

Where Chefs Eat is the latest publication on dining by Phaidon. The publication, with an aesthetic reminiscent of commercial printing from the 1950s and ’60s, features over four hundred chefs who have given restaurant recommendations in the ultimate insiders’ guide. The chefs recommend restaurants in eight categories: breakfast, late night, regular neighbourhood, local favorite, bargain, high end, wish I’d opened, and worth the travel. The book is organised by continent and divided by city, but restaurants are listed in no particular order making the use of the guide somewhat of an surprise act. 

Due to the unorthodox approach the guide is very likely to be the first (and only) dining guide to altogether feature:

A herring kiosk in Stockholm, a ‘wet burger’ stand in Istanbul and a diner under a bridge in Hong Kong that majors in spicy crab, called Under Bridge Spicy Crab.

All in all the guide is an eclectic mix of dining tips that maintains a high standard because of the exquisite tastes of the selecting chefs.

Keep an eye out for the iPhone and iPad app which will be released later this month. And for the people interested in more information regarding some of the choices made in Where Chefs Eat; a number of videos were shot in which a selection of the chefs illustrate their choices, see them here.

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