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Feral Futures by Coloni and Studio Aikieu

During last week's London Design Festival the super fascinating Plants Out Of Place initiative curated an exhibition with a selection of inspirational projects to introduce its mission to the public. The London-based initiative seeks to engage with the world to re-consider the value of wild plants and how we may utilize them to design for a better future - a vision through which they created a sensory event aiming to trigger the public on an experiential level to question the values and approaches to sustainable practices. The exhibition showed an overall high standard with work by inspirational names like Studio Drift and Drink Factory, yet we are most impressed by the work of our favorite; Coloni which combined forces with Studio Aikieu, resulting in some of the most beautiful imagery we have seen in months. [ Continue reading ]


Today a new online store - created by Concern and based on the SUPERMODELS exhibition which took place in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam last year - will officially launch for the public under the moniker Dutch Design SUPERMODELS. For the interesting endeavor, clearly inspired by the fascinating exhibition, an exclusive collection of 3D printed miniatures was created to be sold, based on more than 100 iconic Dutch designer chairs. In the collection one will finds designs like the 'Knotted Chair' by Marcel Wanders, the 'Relax Chair' by Ineke Hans, the 'Aluminium Chair' desktop by Piet Hein Eek and some of our favorite chairs every created; the 'Berlin' and 'Crate' chair by Gerrit Rietveld. If you always wanted to own some of Dutch Design's greatest heritage pieces, from now on the chance is here to own one of these icons, as a 1:6 miniature that is. [ Continue reading ]


We have been greatly appreciating the elegant work of Norwegian designer Lars Beller Fjetland in the last few years and on the 4th of September - during Maison Objet in Paris - the inspirational creator returns with the official presentation of his latest project, which is once again quite incredible. Named poetically the 'Moment', Beller Fjetland created his new work inspired by his childhood fascination with the flickering flame – being mesmerized by the rhythm of the burning light; the concept of time seemed to slowly dissolve. The 'Moment' candle extinguisher was created to revisit just this lost meditative watch with an added reminder of its impermanence. As the flame slowly makes its way towards the bottom of the candle, the suspense builds towards its split second finale. We love this new elegant and playful creation of Fjetland! [ Continue reading ]

The Banana Show

The infamous(ly great) Studio Job returns once again with an incredible new show. For 'The Banana Show', the Antwerp- and Amsterdam-based studio of Job Smeets and partner in crime Nynke Tynagel, created a series of lamps - fitting their subversive aesthetic perfectly - shaped like peeled bananas for an exhibition which opened last month in the Belgian Samuel Vanhoegaerden Gallery. The limited-edition collection of Banana Lamps comprises seven different lights, including five standing models held up in different positions by the curved representations of a banana's peeled skin, as well as a hanging wall light and an oversized version. Each light features a polished bronze skin and an etched mouth-blown glass fruit filled with LED lights. The show also includes the Buoy Mirror, which has a red ring-shaped frame with four white bands and resembles a lifebuoy. The facet-cut mirror features sintered glass and hand-painted banana graphics in keeping with the exhibition's theme. Seven new ink banana drawings on A2 paper in oak frames will be displayed alongside 30 drawings taken from Job Smeets' archive from 1998 to 2005. [ Continue reading ]

Simon Freund

Although the 25-year-old talented German artist/designer Simon Freund has been creating similar products under the SIMON&ME moniker, his self-titled brand is completely new to the market after it was launched on the 1st of August 2015. The 20 immaculate objects presented in the collection perfectly reflect Freund's vision on design, functionality and aesthetics. The highly clean cut - limited - staple piece products will appeal to those who love elegant, high quality minimalist style boiled down to its core. Everything under the Simon Freund brand is being produced in Germany, given a stamped certificate of high quality authenticity, just as had been the case with the designer's former brand. We feel very inspired by the vision which clearly lays behind such a cohesive collection, very likely becoming a strong name next to the existing minimalist brands. And therewith also underlining the already high level of the SIMON&ME line, yet now presented by just Simon on the next level. [ Continue reading ]

Marcel van Eeden

The absolutely incredible work of Dutch artist Marcel van Eeden, who's been a favorite of ours for years, is known for a deeply characteristic aesthetic reminiscent of film noir, evoking an ambiguous sense of romance and melancholia. Employing charcoal and colored pencils, as well as watercolor paint, his stylized and tightly cropped cinematic images visualize dramatic scenes which immerse the spectator in mysterious narratives. When framed as a entity, van Eeden's individual drawings out of a series form complete compelling fictions based on historical facts, interweaving several chronologies and narratives. Subjected to unforeseen experiences, the protagonists' - often developed by the artist parallel to his own life, traveling and subsequently taking shape inspired by the same places he visits - lives begin to converge as their stories gradually are revealed by van Eeden's ingenious labyrinth of gripping tales and thrilling twists. We can't get enough of van Eeden's remarkable images. [ Continue reading ]

The Toxic Sublime by Marc Quinn

On the 15th of July the London-based White Cube opened an exhibition of fascinating new work by Marc Quinn. The show named ‘The Toxic Sublime’ includes two new bodies of work and is the culmination of two years of investigation by the artist into natural phenomena and our distanced and complex relationship with the environment. These works after which the show was named are distorted, three-dimensional seascapes that blur the boundaries between painting and sculpture. Next to these works, a new series of highly extraordinary sculptures - minimal arcs in stainless steel - including one measuring over a staggering 7 meter long titled ‘Frozen Waves’ are on display. These super impressive, primal and gestural shapes originate from the remnants of shells, eroded by the endless action of the waves. In the moment before they disappear and become sand, all conch shells end up in a similar form – an arch that looks like a wave, as though an unwitting self-portrait by nature.  [ Continue reading ]

The Garden Which is the Nearest to God

On the 27th of June a beautiful new art project opened in the heart of Amsterdam. 'The Garden Which is the Nearest to God' is the first creation in the Netherlands by the renowned Japanese artist Taturo Atzu, who was invited to create a structure for the historic weather vane and the small roof turret of the Oude Kerk, located in the red light district of the capital. Atzu's project links the monumental 13th century church - the oldest building in the city - to its recent incarnation as Amsterdam's newest cultural institution. He gives the weather vane an update by re-imagining it in a fully furnished, modern living room. Interpreting contemporary Dutch interiors, the décor features a table, chairs, and above the sofa a classical print from the church collection. The Japanese artist brings the spectator closer to the experience of wonderment as we make our metaphoric journey on high – climbing the 156 steps to the 300 m² open space above – to a fictional living room and the built-in seating area around the clock tower. Make sure to visit the Oude Kerk and enjoy the extraordinary project before it is gone. [ Continue reading ]

Danny Fox

In our eyes Danny Fox is one of the most exciting names who has arrived in the London art scene in recent years. The artist with the appearance of an outlaw biker is an autodidact who found his interest in painting somewhere in his mid teens, inspired by the work of Alfred Wallis, who like Fox lived in St. Ives. Over the years he created a style which is unpolished and uncompromising, showing elements of early Modernist art, the graffiti aesthetic and a color palette that reminds of African art. Both the figurative, symbolic and decorative elements are slapped with great speed onto the canvas as if they were a sheet of flash tattoos (as immortalized on the artist's own skin for instance). Fox's figures represent boxers, horses, cowboys, snakes, fruit, transsexuals, strippers or patterns reminiscent of ancient Greek decoration, with everything blending together perfectly in the artist’s fascinating raw narratives, rooting directly from Fox's own memory or personal history. [ Continue reading ]

One Thousand Drawing Pension Plan

The Amsterdam-based artist Matthijs Booij has come up with a creative solution for his old age: One Thousand Drawing Pension Plan. Since 2014, Booij has been selling drawings for long-term monthly payments and hopes to build up his pension in this way. For €1,- per month you can buy a drawing of the former half of notorious artist duo Miktor & Molf. When one decides to buy a work, the payment continues until the artist's pension, with Booij receiving as much money for a drawing as he would now when it's paid at once, in full. The contract can't be broken, but can be resold (unless there's a case of mortality). By the time he can retire in 2050, he hopes to have earned €440.000,- with the project. Next to this fascinating creative form to buy his art, we love Booij's grimey aesthetic, using both collage techniques as free flowing sketches, showing a beautiful diversity in the works he creates. Make sure to keep an eye on this extraordinary project.  [ Continue reading ]

Klas Ernflo

We have been following and appreciating Klas Enfro's inspirational graphic output since we acquired one of his incredible textile footballs, when he released a series of them back in 2008. In the years that followed the Swedish illustrator and graphic artist who's based in Barcelona has produced a diverse field of graphic projects - both independently as for clients. All of the artist's projects show his incredible sense for colors and patterns, which he for instance exemplified with his free project 'Color Study'; a library of hues packaged in casual drips. And also his most recent project is highly impressive. Consisting of 18 separate boards, Ernflo created a large work showing his signature organic forms, a wonderful sense of humor and tremendous colors. [ Continue reading ]

Han Koning

Han Koning is a very talented Dutch designer who has been developing hand made industrial designs for over a decade from his studio in Groningen. His earliest success came in 2002 when still at the Design Academy Eindhoven, where he created a vase for retail chain HEMA dedicated to unfortunate flowers with snapped stems, named the '103% Vase'. In the following years a series of designs preceded that introduction to the world from the 'llevel', 'SpaceFrame CC' to the incredible 'Static Plastic'. Han filters things out of everyday life and transforms them into conceptual yet practical objects and interiors in collaboration with artists designers and architects. His never ending desire for innovation and creativity brought him early to 3D printing and the abilities it provides for designing, prototyping and manufacturing. Inspiration for new products comes from everywhere he is, ranging from nature to technology. From an ever-growing archive of photos, sketches and material/technical experiments, new products continue to grow from his innovative Development Room. [ Continue reading ]

Panos Tsagaris

Through his work the Greek artist Panos Tsagaris aspires to express the emanation of the Divine as it is reflected through the abstraction, the beauty and the poetry of the everyday, in order to bring himself and the viewer closer to a state of Catharsis. Furthermore Tsagaris aims to create a unified spiritual environment that highlights the fact that most religions and spiritual traditions are not hostile in their nature but instead are connected to each other through compassion and love. In addition Tsagaris’ work contemplates on life’s fragile struggle between the sacred and the profane. Ultimately through his work Tsagaris is eager to capture and express the restlessness and magic that exists in the soul of all of us. We are highly inspired by Tsagaris extraordinary artistic vision. [ Continue reading ]

Mark Whalen

As observed through the eyes of artist Mark Whalen, the world is an obscure and mysterious place. His highly fascinating paintings, ceramics and sculptures explore darkly comic, elegant tableaux alive with futuristic mini-dramas. Sexual play, arm wrestling competitions, and ominous rituals are to be found in all his work. He grants an endearing single-mindedness to his cookie-cutter figures in pursuit of their tiny subversive acts. In short, their bliss depends on staying inside the box, literarily being the strict limits of the particular work, forming an interesting snapshot of intriguing worlds. Whalen incorporates elements of decoration, graphic design and architectural rendering technique – props of our refined civilization – to comment on conventional social mores in a totally unique manner. We love Whalen's exquisite sense of humor to be found in his work as his fine aesthetic eye for color and form. [ Continue reading ]

Round Square Teaware

The 'Round Square Teaware' is the latest creation by the talented Taiwan-based designer Chuntso Liu. The designer, who was also responsible for the fascinating 'Ripple Tray' in 2009, presents a new range of tableware, which he created for Taiwanese design company Koan Design. The collection of tableware is the result of Liu's study of the laws of the universe and his fascination for the emulation with nature, from which humans create objects. While the rounded cups and the elegant teapot are an organic and logical shape for holding water, the cube-shaped handles are a tangibly human expression left on the surface that creates a subtle yet striking contrast, transcending functionality through decoration that both adds meaning to the object and forms an emotional bond with the user - aimed for by the designer. Aesthetically the 'Round Square Teaware' is clean, modern and highly appealing. We love this work by Liu. [ Continue reading ]

The Martell Flask by Yorgo&Co.

Looking back at the last Salone del Mobile, which took place two weeks ago, we remain super impressed by one of the incredible new designs which were revealed in Milano. As part of the yearly wallpaper* Handmade exhibition, the renown designer/art director Yorgo Tloupas - together with his Yorgo&Co company - created an extraordinary design, combining different loves of his: cycling, design, and drinking cognac. The Martell flask (forming a beautiful follow-up to the Pinel et Pinel's collaboration) as envisioned by Tloupas consists of a top two-thirds, which contains water for the bike ride, and the bottom third contains Martell cognac, for the celebration. Making it our clear favorite out of this year's wallpaper* Handmade - the magazine’s sixth groundbreaking exhibition dedicated to the marriage of craftsmanship and design, of which the flask in our eyes is a prime example. We just love the both robust and elegant design by Tloupas, having created what without a doubt is the most beautiful flask ever for cycling. [ Continue reading ]

John David Deardourff

John David Deardourff is an very talented artist residing in Washington, DC. In 2012 he received a BFA with an emphasis in printmaking from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. JD's incredible abstract work lends aesthetic elements from comics, resulting in a unique raw style in an exciting color palette. In his own words, Deardourff finds inspiration in "the vocabulary of comic book art: exaggeration, movement, energy, the interplay of sequential imagery, black contour line, and, most importantly, artificial color." Over the last few years JD's work has been receiving growing attention, both from art lovers and critics. Deardourff has exhibited his artwork in Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and DC. In addition, he has designed graphics for Burton Snowboards and album art for RAMP Records. In February 2015, he was awarded a fellowship at Yaddo, an artist colony in upstate New York. A solo show of collages and screen prints made during the fellowship is currently on view at Hillyer Art Space in Washington, DC, which is running for two more days. [ Continue reading ]

Monica Ramos

Monica Ramos is a Brooklyn-based illustrator who has been having an impact in recent years through her highly recognizable beautiful work. Known for her delicate and humoristic watercolor illustrations, her work has been embraced all over the globe, not only because of her unique style, but also through the playful nature that is ingrained in many of her pieces. The subjects of Ramos' work are ranging from baked goods, spirits, animals, blobs, naked people and basically anything which represents her feelings at that particular time. Her love for watercolors, pencils and ink stems from its unique qualities like the textures and little mistakes that come with paint, giving her work some significant edge in the form, compensating the often-times lovely subject matters. Monica was born and raised in the Philippines and graduated from Parsons in 2012. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Lucky Peach, Pulp Magazine, Rookie Mag and Oh Comely!. Make sure to follow this very talented illustrator. [ Continue reading ]


New York City-based design studio PELLE creates objects and design for the modern age. Merging architectural practice and pristine craftwork, founders Jean and Oliver Pelle imbue their collections with a keen aesthetic and studied attention to functionality. Their pieces are to be lived with, handled, worn, and enjoyed. At the heart of PELLE’s work is a fusing of primary elements with modern form – geologic lines repurposed, blown glass and coiled leather forged to light contemporary spaces. We first discovered the work of Jean and Oliver when their - now famous - Soap Stones were first released after they had created them as a submission to the NYC destination exhibit for MoMA. The appealing form and feel of the Stones show their fine feeling for aesthetics, but when looking beyond it one sees a diversity in PELLE's creations, offering way more than the sharp lines of the soap objects - PELLE's catalogue is both elegant and playful, two elements which the two designers have merged masterfully. [ Continue reading ]

eBay and Sotheby’s

Today, eBay and Sotheby’s will launch the first two live events in the all new Sotheby’s live auctions experience with the themes 'Photographs', starting at 10:00 EDT (14:00 GMT), and 'New York' starting at 20:00 EDT (0:00 GMT tomorrow). The experience enables art aficionados and casual collectors alike to participate in Sotheby’s live auctions anytime, anywhere with the same confidence and access of those bidding in person in the New York salesroom. The Sotheby’s live auctions destination features an innovative Museum View transitions, that bring the experience of walking through a museum or gallery to life in the online world – including enhanced zoom, in-context images, and item-level video. Participants - regardless of their location - see the exact same item and current real-time bidding online and experience real-time bidding sensitive to the millisecond. Today's auctions include work by Edward Steichen, Alfred Stieglitz, Man Ray, Brassaï,  Robert Longo, next to the New York Yankees stadium sign from circa 1973. We love this promising collaboration between the two retail giants, make sure to check out the gems going on sale today - and try your luck. [ Continue reading ]

Vector Watch

A little under two weeks ago, the impressive next-generation smartwatch brand Vector Watch officially launched for the public in what other city then Basel - where at that moment Baselworld took place. With an aim to provide a more personalized and intuitive experience on a smartwatch device, the Vector brand is supported by a strong team of developers as well as the ex CEO of Timex Joe Santana, ex Nike Designer Steve Jarvis and Vector CTO Andrei Pitis. The launch event took place in the beautiful surroundings of the Gare du Nord venue - the old train station for Basel - a fitting location for a product that looks to meld traditional watch design with intuitive technology. With the vast amount of information and notifications we receive on our connected devices now a days, the London-based brand has developed the smartwatch device to simplify day-to-day activities and routines to give users the power to choose what they wish to focus on. Introduced as a stylish and desirable piece of jewelry rather than a gadget, the Vector smartwatch looks to fill the gap in the market left by fashion-focused smartwatches lacking technological innovation, and technology-orientated wearables. [ Continue reading ]

Behind the Scenes by Nigel Howlett

The British artist Nigel Howlett - whose work we recently discovered - is interested in illusion and the cartoon. He likes simple ideas illustrated through colorful, bold and fresh image making. Having left Art school in 2003 with a BA in fine art, Nigel has since worked in the film and television industry as a set designer, for clients including Channel 4, BBC, ITV, and Sky, brands include Issey Miyake and Nike. Recently he has been concentrating on different personal art projects - among which is this fascinating series named 'Behind the Scenes'. The 'Behind the Scenes' series was born on set, inspired by Americana and its cliche characters. The canvas is used playfully - hung facing the wall - and the images are painted on the back, leaving a lot of space for interpretation with the spectator. Howlett deliberately makes the wooden frame and the canvas part of the piece - creating as he states it; a strange dialogue between this 'real' element and the cartoon nature of the painting. We love this beautiful series. [ Continue reading ]

Villa E by Studio KO

Sitting at the peak of a hill in the Moroccan mountain ranges, the incredible premises named Villa E rises up from the landscape, like a form extruded from the earth. The locally sourced Oika stone walling looks like an extension of the landscape. From the road in the valley, only tiny window openings reveal the inside of the structure, making one wonder what happens inside. Hidden within is a private mountain retreat designed by the highly inspirational France and Morocco-based Studio KO. With studio bases in both Paris and Morocco, Villa E represents the convergence of ideas from both design cultures. Studio KO weave together the contemporary minimalism of Paris with the earthy textures of the Moroccan aesthetic. Slender steel doors pivot lightly within monolithic desert red walls. Crisp white marble exists alongside textured rendered walls and crazy paving, forming a perfect hybrid. [ Continue reading ]

Ei Kaneko

A little while ago we became familiar with the fascinating work of the very talented Tokyo-based artist Ei Kaneko, who just opened a new solo exhibition named 'YEN' at the Clear Edition & Gallery in his hometown last Friday. With his moody and slightly surrealist style, Kaneko's work, which he creates strictly with graphite, is at once strikingly beautiful and also a little disconcerting, a combination which we find particularly fascinating. The work of Kaneko often features limbs and facial features cut out and re-assembled, using the fragments of images to create a new ambiguous meaning within his juxtapositions. Through the use of the toned down color palette of pencil graphite the images all inhabit a certain softness in their core which clashes strongly with the hard juxtapositioning of the image fragments, creating something like a second layer of contrast beyond just the fragmentations. Without a doubt Kaneko's work inhabits everything to absorb the spectator and leaving an intrinsic impression. Make sure to catch his show when in Tokyo. [ Continue reading ]