One Thousand Drawing Pension Plan

The Amsterdam-based artist Matthijs Booij has come up with a creative solution for his old age: One Thousand Drawing Pension Plan. Since 2014, Booij has been selling drawings for long-term monthly payments and hopes to build up his pension in this way. For €1,- per month you can buy a drawing of the former half of notorious artist duo Miktor & Molf. When one decides to buy a work, the payment continues until the artist’s pension, with Booij receiving as much money for a drawing as he would now when it’s paid at once, in full. The contract can’t be broken, but can be resold (unless there’s a case of mortality). By the time he can retire in 2050, he hopes to have earned €440.000,- with the project. Next to this fascinating creative form to buy his art, we love Booij’s grimey aesthetic, using both collage techniques as free flowing sketches, showing a beautiful diversity in the works he creates. Make sure to keep an eye on this extraordinary project. 

Matthijs Booij hopes to attract a group of collectors who will provide for his retirement through the consumerist method of hired purchase, buy now pay later.

Matthijs Booij graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 2007. In the following years the artist made a name for himself as Molf, 50 percent of the Amsterdam-based artist duo Miktor & Molf – with his old academy friend Mick Johan being the other half – known for their subversive projects with roots in the skate and punk culture, with clients like pop group De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, I Love Fake Magazine, Vodafone and MTV. Since the duo called it quits in 2013, Booij has been working on its own as a so called creative multiperson, with the One Thousand Drawings Pension Plan being his first solo project since many years.

One Thousand Drawing Pension Plan was exhibited at the Amsterdam-based Gallery Vriend van Bavink 27 June until the 29th of June 2014 and since has continued online.

To order the drawings of Booij see here.