Vector Watch

A little under two weeks ago, the impressive next-generation smartwatch brand Vector Watch officially launched for the public in what other city then Basel – where at that moment Baselworld took place. With an aim to provide a more personalized and intuitive experience on a smartwatch device, the Vector brand is supported by a strong team of developers as well as the ex CEO of Timex Joe Santana, ex Nike Designer Steve Jarvis and Vector CTO Andrei Pitis. The launch event took place in the beautiful surroundings of the Gare du Nord venue – the old train station for Basel – a fitting location for a product that looks to meld traditional watch design with intuitive technology. With the vast amount of information and notifications we receive on our connected devices now a days, the London-based brand has developed the smartwatch device to simplify day-to-day activities and routines to give users the power to choose what they wish to focus on. Introduced as a stylish and desirable piece of jewelry rather than a gadget, the Vector smartwatch looks to fill the gap in the market left by fashion-focused smartwatches lacking technological innovation, and technology-orientated wearables.

Our Vector vision stems from a desire to reimagine the traditional timepiece for today’s digital world. We want to create a new watch for the 21st century; one that is grounded in the past, with the right balance of technology to give it a genuine place in our everyday lives.

Notable features of the Vector watch that will set new standards in the wearable field including a staggering 30 day battery life, compatibility with iOS, Android and Windows platforms, a sensor-activated notification system which allows users to acknowledge messages with the flick of a wrist, and built-in contextual awareness that allows the device to understand patterns in user behavior. The brand has also announced they will be integrating with web-based service IFTTT (‘If This Then That’) once the product has launched later in the summer – which allows users to make their own powerful connections between apps and devices with simple conditional statements.

The elegant branding for Vector Watch was done by Amsterdam-based creative agency …,staat, who in turn collaborated with Dutch artist superduo Lernert & Sander to create the incredible ‘Bells & Whistles’ brand movie, exclusively for Vector. In their signature style, Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug exemplify the promise made by Vector, filtering the noise until only the relevant tones persist. Yet another gem by Lernert & Sander if you ask us –  see ‘Bells & Whistles’ here.

We are very happy to first share – next to the movie itself – the ‘Bells & Whistles’ making of, showing the masters at work.

For more information on Vector Watch see here.
‘Bells & Whistles’ was produced by Adult.