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Kika NY

Via Roztayger we've found out about Kika NY and their leather Postal Backpack. Kika NY has been producing artisinal leather goods since 2009 and was founded by the Dutch MA gaduate in Economics Kika Vliegenthart and former interactive designer Sabine Spanjer. It has slowly been expanding since. Vliegenthart who rigorously changed course and became a leather smith under Barbara Shaum in Manhattan after her studies and her business partner Spanjer have their workshop in the old Brooklyn Naval yard and therefore have both moved to New York from their native the Netherlands. They work with materials sourced from Europe, including leather from Portugal, Italy and Belgium. Their solid brass hardware is hand-tooled in an old family-owned foundry also in Europe. In a way one could say that the products of Vliegenthart and Spanjer emphasize the largely European lineage of their adopted new home New York City. [ Continue reading ]

Midori Star Edition

For its 5th year anniversary of the passport size TRAVELER'S notebook, Midori teamed up with the Hong Kong-based ferry company,  "STAR" ferry, Limited. Midori designed a whole stationery and accessory range to personalize your STAR EDITION notebook within the STAR ferry theme.
Available for limited time only, the STAR EDITION Passport size TRAVELER'S notebook is made of a beautiful camel colored leather and comes with a emerald elastic band, which makes a perfect combination. At the back the collaboration is embossed in the leather cover. It has the same features as the original Midori TRAVELER'S notebook passport size, and one can update its interior with either the 004 card/zipper file or the 010 kraft file. [ Continue reading ]

Le Typographe

A few weeks back we were invited by Miscellaneous to visit Le Typographe. This lovely company with its tiny storefront and amazing workshop in the back, located at Rue Américaine 67 in Brussels, makes beautiful notebooks, envelopes and cards. Housed in the Elsene area of Brussels one finds their store and atelier connected by a little, lovely well-kept garden. Just as in the maintenance of their garden, in all of their products one can find excellent craft and the highest care for detail.  [ Continue reading ]

Everyday Needs

Everyday Needs is an online store mixing pragmatism and aestheticism in a superb way. The utilization of the store needs no explanation, as it should be, and through tasteful curation and product placement in the store, a perfect environment for the products has been created. With this as the context Everyday Needs ensures that what a costumer gets is not only good-looking but also carefully manufactured and with a quality that will last the test of time, completing the hybrid.  [ Continue reading ]

Xavi Mañosa

Freunde von Freunden keeps on feeding us with beautifully shot portraits and inspiring interviews with creative people from all over the world. They’ve just put online the portrait of Barcelona based Ceramist Xavi Mañosa. Inherited the tradition from his father and now investigating the connection… [ Continue reading ]

RWSA x Barrett Alley

Some lovely news from our Red Wing Shoes store in Amsterdam: They teamed up with Barrett Alley from Texas, USA and co-created a limited series of bracelets made from vintage Japanese hemp cloth. The original piece of fabric dates back to the early 1900s and… [ Continue reading ]

Nécessaire de Voyage

We really love the latest of Ben Gorham's perfume house BYREDO. Two weeks ago they released the ‘Nécessaire de Voyage’ collection of travel cases developed to carry BYREDO’s 12 ml Eau de Parfum travel vials. The travel cases made from fine leather come in Black, Burgundy, Cognac, Natural, Phyton, Phyton Black and White. As the travel cases are stylish but at the same time sturdy you'll be able to bring a vial to any occasion without fearing that it will break. [ Continue reading ]


As one of the curators behind the Dutch Curated, I’m always inspired to see similar services across the globe. But this is a special one. Svbscription is a new luxury subscription service based in New York that curates parcels of unique products for men. Customers from all over the… [ Continue reading ]

Origin Single Estate gins

Whilst making the Masters of Malt signature Bathtub Gin, sales director Ben Ellefsen found inconsistencies in the batches of juniper he was using. Inspired by this fact he decided that these inconsistencies could be used for good if he would be able to trace a certain batch of juniper to one particular area. Masters of Malt advertised it's need for quality area-bound juniper and a handful of areas presented themselves with quality juniper which could be used for the production of gin. In the end out of four areas from different parts of Europe the Origin Single Estate gins were created. [ Continue reading ]

The Quiet Farm

There’s a new shop in (online)town called The Quiet Farm. An online boutique with a great curation of classic and honest products, all dedicated to enjoy life, ‘the time with family, friends and that big muddy place, the outside.’ Things like a Countrymen’s Whistle, the book ‘Our Garden Birds’… [ Continue reading ]