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The Red Army Satchel

We very much like this beautiful  bright red oilcloth cotton bag, inspired on a WWII army bag, by Nigel Cabourn. The bag is made in Scotland where the fabric was originally developed for the British Fisherman who used this fabric for its water repellency against the… [ Continue reading ]

The Good Flock

Two beautiful bags by The Good Flock: The Weekend Bag and the Tokyo Bag. Both handcrafted in the USA using domestic waxed canvas and hand burnished veg tanned leather. The Tokyo Bag has four internal pockets, four external pockets and one large chamber and can be worn comfortably… [ Continue reading ]


We love leather accessories, especially when they are really well made. The relatively young Danish brand Verivinci is already well known for their lovely small leather goods, lanyards and small purses, and so deserve a place in Another Gift Guide. These Black Grenade Purse and… [ Continue reading ]

The Burroughs Beard Oil

Prospector Co. is a new company bringing men’s skincare and shaving products. From pre-shaving, post-shaving, unshaven scruff to a beard gone wild, they have it all. And all with natural ingredients, blended and packaged by hand in small batches. This Burroughs Beard Oil has the… [ Continue reading ]


When you’re blessed with one of the best coffee places in the Netherlands just around the corner it’s obvious you will make it your second home. And when you are proud of what they are doing there, you spread the word and give it some more attention. That’s what… [ Continue reading ]

The Upper East Side Jewelry

Rebecca Schiffman designed a lovely jewelry collection inspired by architectural motifs found on New York’s Upper East Side. Crossing the neighborhood for more than 29 years she got inspired by the old and elegant ornaments. The collection (now running with kickstarter) will feature jewelry pieces… [ Continue reading ]

The Brother in Elysium

Jon Beacham, letterpress printmaker and initiator of The Hermitage, a very specific space/shop in Beacon, New York (upstate) from 2007 till 2009 (featured in T-Magazine end 2009), started ‘The Brother in Elysium’, a studio in Brooklyn fully focused on printing letterpress. An old street level garage… [ Continue reading ]

The Weekender

My good friend from LA, Spencer Nikosey just released the new Weekender bag with this lovely video. What’s better then a weekend in a house in Desert Hot Springs, California? And whats better then a premium vegetable tanned cognac nubuck leather bag… [ Continue reading ]

Sartoria di Gino Cimmino

A visit to Napoli isn’t a visit to Napoli if you don't stop by a classic bespoke tailor. Invited by one of the best, I found my way thru the narrow streets to a small square, ringing the bell of the house of Gino Cimmino. Gino welcomes me in a few words of English and a warming smile. A two room apartment with a small entrance is the heart of ‘Abiti Sartoriali Maschili Su Misura’, men's custom tailored suit. The first room is the fitting room with rows of fabric samples hanging down the walls between a few yellowed images of past style icons. The second room is the tailor room. Here, all the Gino Cimmino suits are made end send out to customers around the globe. [ Continue reading ]


Mark Robinson from The 189 just shared this amazing video. It’s the trailer for a short film titled ‘Charlotte’ about  an extraordinary boatyard, the Gannon & Benjamin Marine Railway, located on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Ross Gannon and Nat Benjamin established the boatyard in 1980 with the purpose of designing, building, and maintaining traditionally built wooden boats, and in the process they transformed Vineyard Haven harbor into a mecca for wooden boat owners and enthusiasts.  After a long career of designing and constructing boats for others, Nat embarks on building a 50 foot gaff rigged schooner for use by his family and friends — her name is Charlotte. [ Continue reading ]

Red Wing Shoes Factory Visit

About a year ago I traveled all the way to Minnesota to visit the Red Wing Shoe factory and tannery for the Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam Store. Hypebeast featured the video we did, at the Red Wing Amsterdam site we featured the… [ Continue reading ]

75 years of Jaguar

It is not ‘one of the most beautiful’ cars by Jaguar, but THE most beautiful and phenomenal piece of machinery, the XJ13. Only one was made, to win Le Mans in the mid-1960s, a race that it would never take part in due to a change… [ Continue reading ]

Concept You

I’m almost daily questioning myself why today’s cars are so out-dated. Sure, there are a few smart ingredients, but it’s going so slow… Why isn’t there a proper touchscreen, fabrics that feel good, colors that match in the different materials? Today, Volvo revealed the Concept… [ Continue reading ]

Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam

We proudly present you: The official Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam online store. The Red Wing webshop offers the single most complete Red Wing shoe collection ever offered online plus a lovely curated selection of accessories, books, workwear-inspired clothing and… [ Continue reading ]

The Essentials

WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie launched its new Fall/Winter 2011 collection. As always, some amazing bags and accessories in beautiful fabrics. My favorite is this set of accessories to store all your essentials for safe travels… As they put it:‘Values from eras gone by are reframed… [ Continue reading ]

The Hill-Side x Monocle

Love this simple and beautiful collaboration between two of my favorite brands: The Hill-side and Monocle Pocket Square. The two pocket squares comes with color contrast selvedge, The Hill-Side tag and with a hand embroidered Monocle logo. [ Continue reading ]

The Rose and the Cross

Today, the denim inspired boutique from Amsterdam Tenue de Nîmes launched its third collaboration with the well known English shoemaker Grenson. A handmade wingtip brogue in a beautiful gainsboro grey nubuck finished off with a hand painted, double leather white sole. The shoes are marked with… [ Continue reading ]


Last week I enjoyed a little trip to Lucca, Italy, to visit the leather workshop where the TravelTeq bags are made. A beautiful little space with 7 craftsman working every day to make one of the best bags in the world. In the upcoming… [ Continue reading ]

The Canvas Messenger

Today TravelTeq will launch its second ‘inside-out’ bag, the Trash Canvas Messenger. A beautiful resign where the original Trash is turned inside-out and upside-down. The bag is made from the most durable canvas in the world, vegetable tanned leather and the well known orange lining. Hand made in… [ Continue reading ]

La Belle Échoppe

Love this newcomer La Belle Échoppe. Simple, beautiful, well made goods with a history and an interesting approach, born from the collaboration between FrenchTrotters and redingote.
Inspired by “Qualités de vie, objets des valeurs quotidienne” from 1991, a book about what’s beautiful and well made, and what was important in people’s life’s at that time, they made a nice curated selection of products, entirely dedicated to “made in France”. My favorites are definitely this grey Desert Boot with recycled rubber sole, made in Lower Normandy by Eimpreinte and the Eau de Cologne à la Française by Institut Très Bien. [ Continue reading ]

CS Bell x Tenue de Nîmes

Tenue de Nîmes have teamed up with Paolo Bellini, a Dutch vintage aficionado and founder of CS Bell. Bellini has created a very exclusive series of hand-made canoe packs for the Dutch denim store. The bags, produced in Amsterdam, are made of thick canvas and leather. The design of… [ Continue reading ]

Paper heaven

Paper is all about texture, and that texture becomes more and more important since the alternative of e-paper doesn’t have any texture or any emotion in its material. That’s why it is so important for graphic designers to have sample collections, books and magazines - all to see how paper really feels and if the emotion fits within their design. [ Continue reading ]