Xavi Mañosa

Freunde von Freunden keeps on feeding us with beautifully shot portraits and inspiring interviews with creative people from all over the world. They’ve just put online the portrait of Barcelona based Ceramist Xavi Mañosa.
Inherited the tradition from his father and now investigating the connection between art and handcraft in his workshop ‘Apparatu’, Xavi created a beautiful world of ceramics around him. Super inspiring to see and read the interview.
And we love his quote on limited editions. It leaves us thinking about all the ‘limited editions’ created lately.

“I always thought that making limited editions was a bit absurd, that it was like saying “I make 50 but I could make 5000″. But then I realized that to be making a vase and knowing I would keep on producing it forever was a bit of a strange idea. On an craftmanship level, I find the sense of limiting the production in the fact that making something indefinitely gives me a feeling of vertigo. When a project is done, there comes a point when you ́re not that interested in it anymore. And when you lose affection for a piece, things start to happen at the crafting level.”Xavi Mañosa