Origin Single Estate gins

Whilst making the Masters of Malt signature Bathtub Gin, sales director Ben Ellefsen found inconsistencies in the batches of juniper he was using. Inspired by this fact he decided that these inconsistencies could be used for good if he would be able to trace a certain batch of juniper to one particular area. Masters of Malt advertised it’s need for quality area-bound juniper and a handful of areas presented themselves with quality juniper which could be used for the production of gin. In the end out of four areas from different parts of Europe the Origin Single Estate gins were created.

Masters of Malt found four areas in the world were it sourced top quality juniper, namely Arezzo in Italy, Veliki Preslav in Bulgaria, Valbone in Albania and Meppel in the Netherlands. Using the juniper from areas with totally different climates makes that each gin has a very particular taste. Beside the excellent quality of the different gins, Masters of Malt also designed a tasteful bottle having a beautiful classic aestetic. And if one feels the need to add more ingredients (and a rounder taste) to the juniper-only-gin a 10ml vial of other botanicals like coriander, fresh lemon peel, bitter orange peel, cardamom and other ingredients also comes with the bottle.

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