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Carrier – International Cargo Bike Festival

Meet Carrier: the magazine the cargo bike deserves Carrier is a new magazine brought to you by the International Cargo Bike Festival We’re publishing the first edition of Carrier to coincide with the 2023 International Cargo Bike Festival (ICBF) in Amsterdam (24-26 November). Picking up where the IC……

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Stings, by Kamaal Williams

‘Fashion freaks me out’: the anti-style magazine sharing profits with staff

Nuts, from the art director Richard Turley, shuns big-name models and brands and plans to split its income equitably…

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Nike “No Finish Line” Book — NIKE, Inc.

“No Finish Line” imagines the infinite possibilities of design and sport and invites and inspires the next generation of athletes to join Nike in taking action to create a better world.

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‘One size fits nobody’: markers of high-quality clothing are getting harder to find

From poorly finished seams to an over-reliance on elastane, cost-cutting in the manufacturing process is leading to less comfortable, less durable clothing…

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SOM converts century-old Chicago firehouse into Optimo hat factory

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill has designed new headquarters for Optimo, a hatmaker that is keeping alive a dying tradition in Chicago.

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If you’re feeling lonely and cynical, hit the club ASAP!!

James Blake the off-kilter-dance-music king on the radical power of a semi-legal party, the sleeper charms of the color brown, his great new album & more…

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SOMEONE WHO ISN’T ME by Geoff Rickly (Third Printing – Will Ship After August 16) — ROSE BOOKS

SHIPPING NOTICE: Due to extremely high demand, orders for the third printing are now being fulfilled via Asterism. Please visit this page to order directly—orders will begin shipping after August 16. ——- Let’s be real… an entire press was founded because of how good this book is… you’re goi…

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Air Freshener – Feu de Joie

The JJJJound scented Air Freshener is produced by Joya in the USA. The scent notes are birch tar, incense, cedar chips, rosemary, pine cone, violet leaf and rare woods.

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‘100,000 people are about to lose their minds!’ Four Tet on being the world’s unlikeliest superstar DJ

Kieran Hebden is now playing arenas in a bromance with Fred Again and Skrillex. In a rare interview, he talks authenticity, bootlegging Taylor Swift – and his landmark legal battle with his old label…

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2022 – 2023

In 22 pictures

When looking back at 2022, it is safe to say that reading David W. Marx’s excellent 'Status and Culture’ was among the most cathartic experiences. Marx’s poignant observations on how culture moves through society is both enlightening and confronting. Reading his immaculately formed thoughts about the world we live in, granted us new perspectives on our own behaviour. Both as a consumer and an active participant and observer of culture as as whole. It has a been a rather strange year of (post-)pandemic life, the third half following those two earlier exceptionally strange years. Marx’s book offered some fundamental clarity about the times we live in. And what we strive for in the coming year(s) of the Another Something macrocosm. [ Continue reading ]

Gift Guide ’22

Here’s a small list with our most fav and desirable things we found over 2022. From drinks, to books, to accessories and garments to art. From static to mobile. From the everyday to the exclusive. Head over to for the full list. Enjoy!… [ Continue reading ]


A chair is made for sitting

A few years back we’ve featured Koen Tossijn’s work on his Wardrobe project, a contemporary menswear brand bringing high quality basics. Koen was always charmed by simple things, things that don’t scream for attention but balance between presence and absence. The things he makes reflect the beauty of natural materials and deep knowledge of the best craftsmen in their field.
Recently he shifted into furniture design together with Studio the Future and Sugi Kojo in Ukiha, Japan, in a projected called ‘Together. A chair is made for sitting’ where he designed a chair and a table. [ Continue reading ]

Another 2021 Playlist

Music is always a big part of our life. And we’re always looking for the new, also in music. So, over the past years we’ve made playlists of our favourite releases. Sometimes shared it here, sometimes only in an occasional newsletter. But always a strange mix between classic and electronic, latin and alternative, pop and jazz. This years highlights were Madlib, C. Tangana, L’Rain, and definitely the grand finale with Maya Beiser playing Philip Glass. Enjoy it on Apple Music, or over at Spotify. And the archive only on Apple Music here: 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016) [ Continue reading ]


A collaboration between Thomas Bradley and Ashkan Honarvar

Over the past years, Ashkan Honarvar has been one of the most shared artist here on Another Something. We’ve marveled at many of his projects, and have been following Ashkan for years. His latest project is another very exciting one; this time collaborating with Thomas Bradley, a garment designer working within the framework of costume for dance. The result is a series of 21 collages showcasing Thomas' 14 garments in the extraordinary Honarvar way. [ Continue reading ]


by Milan van Dril

Milan van Dril's IN DE OOST will be one of our favorite publications of 2021. The project with behind the scenes photography was released as part of the extensive campaign for the polarizing Dutch war movie De Oost (The East). A first of its kind, in the tradition of the great American anti-war films, De Oost portrays the 1945 - 1949 Indonesian War of Independence through the eyes of a disillusioned Dutch soldier. A subject matter that hadn't made it to the Dutch cinemas yet, because it ended 350 years of Dutch colonial rule in South-East Asia in a rather shameful manner. IN DE OOST presents a selection of analogue imagery by one of our favorite young Dutch photographers, who has created a time capsule of the set that erupted in Indonesia during the first half of 2019. [ Continue reading ]

Home of Champions

by Anne-Sophie Soudoplatoff

Before our little hiatus, we shared the incredible ITEN, one of the Distance book series, by Thibaut Grevet. It portrays one of the world’s most emblematic locations related to running and its culture. The first volume of this collection was devoted to the mythical village of Iten in Kenya. A new publication takes us all the way back, now through the lens of photographer Anne-Sophie Soudoplatoff, who shot the ‘Home of Champions’ for Asics. A beautiful series of abstract, poetic images. Capturing team spirit in vivid colours. [ Continue reading ]