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“The Branding of Bodies” by Ruben Pater

In his new book CAPS LOCK: How Capitalism Took Hold of Graphic Design, and How to Escape From It (available at Valiz Publishers, Dutch designer and writer……

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Against Performative Positivity

Designer, researcher and educator Danah Abdulla on consumer capitalism, complacent convenience, political ‘wokeness’, and why we should all become design dissenters.

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Junya Racer, D+ Health In Mind

Made in Japan. Our performance eyewear system was developed over a two year technical testing period, involving NYC athletes and Japanese engineering. The frame features D+ lens technology, an adjustable hypoallergenic rubber nose pad and temple tips with a titanium core. The Health In Mind edit……

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Sounds of the Forest – Soundmap :: Timber Festival

Explore the first ever forest soundmap of the world.

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As lockdowns lift, media firms brace for an “attention recession”

People have spent a year glued to screens, but now the attention boom is turning to bust | International…

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Cold Bones is an unflinching look at addiction and the path to healing

Each winter, the crosses that inhabit the sprawling cemeteries of Iceland are illuminated as a mark of respect for the dead. “I’ve always found it very comforting and beautiful, and it makes me feel close to my family and friends that are buried there,” reflects Tan Gillies.

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Helium-10000 is an inflatable puffer coat that floats like a balloon

Italian designer Andrew Kostman has created Helium-10000, an inflatable puffer jacket that can be carried around like a balloon.

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A Project of One’s Own

A few days ago, on the way home from school, my nine year old son told me he couldn’t wait to get home to write more of the story he was working on. This made me as happy as anything I’ve heard him say — not just…

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Down the Rabbit Hole: Entering the Universe of Aphex Twin

Each person’s journey with Aphex Twin is inherently personal given the broad range of music he’s made. David Brake suggests where to begin.

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The majority of us want to ditch fast fashion ‘for good’, says study

Yes to sustainable shopping habits!…

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Offline Matters

The less digital guide to creative work

Our good friend Jess Henderson (pseud.) just published her first book Offline Matters, the less digital guide to creative work, and we’re beyond proud. Not because we designed it, but because this document feels like the so much needed wake-up-call, both confronting and insightful, inspiring and resonating.
Over the past months Jordi and I have been working together to shape and form the content that initially started in the form of the Outsider newsletter into a small but heavy-on-content ‘work book’. Written around a theme that resonated on so many levels with what we do, how we work, and with whom, Offline Matters became a handbook of radical strategies for creative workers. The guide blows open the true state of today’s creative work where digital solutions are doctrine, overwork culture results in burnouts and ideas churn out into depressing marketing noise.

Wild Animals

Tiger Merch

Earlier this year Rop van Mierlo and Remco van der Velden launched their collaborative project Wild Animals with the first edition called Tiger Merch. A beautiful collection of products consisting of mugs, sweaters, art prints, t-shirts, socks, a pyjama, a rug and even wrapping paper, all with the characteristically painted Tiger by Rop van Mierlo.

See In Black

Vol. 001 Black In America. 06.19.20

In the heat of everything that has been taking place throughout the world it’s encouraging, inspiring and very educational to hear the many voices that need to be heard and understood and see the extraordinary initiatives all over the world in search for more equality. What touched us in particular is See In Black. A project where over 80 black photographers are selling original prints to raise funds for five non-profits that work to dismantle white supremacy and systematic oppression. See In Black’s “Black America Vol. 1” project is a highly-curated stock of images from photographers including Andre Wagner, Flo Ngala, and Renell Medrano that are on sale now.


A ‘Sea of Sand’

Greek photographer Yiannis Hadjiaslanis shared his latest project ‘Ascension’ with us. Shot on two visits to Mt. Bromo, in 2017, and 2020. Hadjiaslanis work explores narratives of places, documenting locations in Greece, across the Mediterranean and the African continent, he engages with questions of historical memory, the present conditions and speculated futures of lived environments, and their significance for those who live, create, interact and evolve with them. Whit his latest project Hadjiaslanis explores the Indonesian Mount Bromo, an open and bare landscape covered with ash in million shades of grey. A ‘Sea of Sand’.

For the Rest of Us

Imagine a more preferable material future

Over the course of multiple years, both industrial designers Hank Beyer and Alex Sizemore, explored parts of the American Midwest researching eight material origins and their associated processes and history. Resulting in this highly aesthetic project called For the Rest of Us: A Journey into the Intangible Values of Regional Materials and Personal Computing. They’ve travelled extensively, interviewing dozens of people, collecting artefacts and taking pictures. From each material Beyer and Sizemore created a computer, providing a point of familiarity to an alternative reality.


The Distance Book Series Nº2

Last year the Paris running shop Distance published their first book called ITEN by photographer and artistic director Thibaut Grevet, with the aim to produce a singular vision of some of the world’s most emblematic places related to running and its culture. Earlier this year they published their second book, now in collaboration with photographer Wendy Huynh. A beautiful hardcover with 170 pages filled with images shot on Reunion Island during the incredible Grand Raid or Diagonale des fous. We asked Yoann Wenger from Distance for a little Q&A with Wendy on how the book came about.