Love Me Los Angeles

Founded by wine-expert Katharina Riess, Florian Breimesser and Moritz Firchow in 2012, despite living 10.000 kilometer apart, Love Me Los Angeles is not just your average distinguished winery. The brand which was created goes beyond a lot of brands in the field and expresses the shared values of the founders and the universal spirit of seizing a dream and making it happen. A declared passion for locally manufactured and authentic products of highest quality by the three partners led to the release of Love Me Los Angeles’s first edition, the Pinot Noir 2009, which is limited to a number of 500 bottles urging its consumer to seize the moment as well, before its gone. The ever-inspiring Deutsche & Japaner translated the philosophy of Riess, Breimesser and Firchow perfectly on a material level, bringing ideas to craft, as they collaborated with the highly talented Sergey Shapiro on the lettering, making the project extremely inspiring on different levels.

The design of our first product line exemplifies our idea of what it means to LOVE what you do, and the things you find in the world, and be passionate about both.

It was the ambition of the trio behind Love Me Los Angeles to create a new kind of brand, in which you could see, feel and taste the love and passion they have about locally manufactured and authentic products. Their business model brings producer and consumer together through shared values, and advocacy, embodying the core of their products. Along with their commitment to find local producers and the right global approach, they have  deep trust in following their own taste which is thoroughly rooted in an strong appetite for unique life-experiences. Whether that means partnering with a winery in Germany, Austria or Switzerland; finding the highest quality and utmost individuality of the vineyards in a particular area will always be leading in the journey to share their Loves with the world.

Photography by severafrahm.

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