Martell & Pinel Pinel

The House of Martell asked Frédéric Pinel to design a creation that would enable connoisseurs and lovers of Martell cognac to rediscover the pleasures of tasting. The result is this amazing trunk by Pinel Pinel, filled with all the best cognac’s of Martell. From the legendary Cordon Bleu, the complex Création Grand Extra to the beautiful L’Or de Jean Martell, plus 4 exclusive and delicious blends accompanied by a notebook with the handwritten tasting notes of Martell’s cellar master Benoît Fil.
It’s all there: crystal glasses, cocktail tools, cigar cutter, a crystal ashtray and a Trudon candle. The perfect combination for when the days get shorter. More here >

‘… A journey of the senses in the vineyards of Charente and the cool cellars, amid the flavours and aromas of a cognac.’

— Lionel Breton, Martell & Co Chairman and CEO