The Travelling Gin Company

Established in 2011 by Edward Godden and Joseph Lewis, The Travelling Gin Company provides a unique drinking experience straight from their vintage delivery bicycles. The two Brits conveniently dressed in aprons from Labour and Wait serve up the ultimate Gin and Tonic and also specialize in other gin based cocktails. Godden and Lewis see their venture as “a pop-up drinks project.”

The idea for the concept was born after a cycling trip to Amsterdam. Lewis and his University friends decided to suit up in Dickensian English attire and Lewis, who was peddling an old butcher’s delivery bicycle, attached a spirit optic to the front of the bike’s frame and stacked the front basket with gin. At every stop he would offer his friends freshly mixed Gin and Tonics and before the day was over the idea for The Travelling Gin Company was born. Although we wonder what the state of the men must have been after such kind of alcohol-fueled bicycle ride.

With almost two years in business Lewis states on how he and Godden vision to stay relevant:

We try to mix up our service and use of products as much as possible to keep the concept fresh and interesting; we don’t just use Gordon’s or Schweppes for our mixers.

And when keen to not use the usual selection for Gins and Tonics, which from the more refined Gins are preferred by Godden and Lewis: “Sipsmith is really great, a very popular choice. We’ve really been getting into the Bathtub Gin from Master Of Malt, which we served at Hoxton Square at the London Festival Of Architecture.”

As for Dutch Gins, or Genevers, Lewis and Godden recently gotten into VL92 from Rotterdam, which they were introduced to whilst on the road in Berlin where The Travelling Gin Company among other places served drinks at the boho-chic Michelberger Hotel during the Euro 2012 soccer championship.

Upcomming events where you will be able to find Godden and Lewis and their fine selection of drinks will be the SoHo Food Feast in London on the 9th of June and the Urban Night Feast in Newcastle from the 3th to the 5th of October.