32 Drinks for 32 Nations

We love the concept of Edward Godden and Joseph Lewis’s The Travelling Gin Co. And whether you are a football fan or not, which is kind of hard not to be in this period of time, the two Brits now present a new concept hoping everyone joining in embracing the wonderful international flavors highlighted by this summer’s World Cup in Brazil. The more Edward and Joseph explore and experiment in creating cocktails with their Travelling Gin Co. project, the more fascinated they become by the wide array of ingredients that are available in the craft of cocktail making which they translated into a collection of 32 drinks for the 32 Nations competing on the World Cup.

For us Edward and Joseph selected one cocktail of one nation of every group. This resulted in: A-Brazil: Maracujá Caipirinha, B-Netherlands: Oranje Martini, C-Colombia: The Scorpion Kick, D-England: Bramble ROYale, E-Honduras: Banana Licuados, F-Nigeria: The Chapman, G-Germany: Der R-Adler and finally for our neighboring country, returning to the World Cup yesterday with a win after 12 years of absence; H-Belgium: The Apple Of Eden Hazard. Makes sure to try these, or one of the 24 other cocktails at home, enjoy 2 side-by-side on a match day or simply let these inspire you to make your own creations from inspiration across the globe.

Follow the project here, with full recipe cards also to be found on the other social channels of The Travelling Gin Co.: like Instagram and Twitter. Do try a good few out for rounds 2 & 3 in the group stages and let Edward and Joseph know what you think: even send them a image of your own creations and they will lovingly Retweet and Regram your experiences making it a global outing for the love of cocktails.

And as Edward and Joseph enjoyed the challenge so much, there’s more on the way for the knock-out stages. So stay tuned with The Travelling Gin Co.!