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Kate Spade & Fathom City Guides

Our favorite blog for global-minded travelers Fathom teamed up with Kate Spade NY to create a series of city guides. An online travel resource filled with curated local listings, photos, itineraries, and tips to help readers plan their trips and pack their bags. Five inspiring guides, guiding you in New York City, London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Tahiti, with new global destinations coming up soon. The city guides provide travelers access to the authentic, charming, and memorable experiences they are after – from a desolate mountain village in Tahiti to an over-the-top izakaya in Tokyo. [ Continue reading ]


Lisbon was amazing! We arrived on a friday night and first thing we mentioned was the calm and quiet ambience of this city. The green balconies packed with beautiful plants didn’t suffered from the 4 months without rain. The only sound that seeped through the open windows of our apartment… [ Continue reading ]

Los Angeles round-up

Back from LA I find myself packed with super nice good vintage found on the Rose Bowl Flea Market, lovely chocolates by Mary & Matt, a beautiful vintage Japanese Kokeshi figure from Tortoise General Store, the memory of the good food at… [ Continue reading ]

Los Angeles

Tomorrow we’re flying to LA again, for a well deserved week… of business. I’m looking forward to meet Mr Freedom, Rising Sun and all the others again, and very much looking forward to the Rose Bowl Flea Market on Sunday. Expect random updates here,… [ Continue reading ]

Le Bazar des Poilus

Hell’s Kitchen & Leonard Vintage store are glad to announce the second edition of “Le Bazar des Poilus”, a pop up store of tightly-curated vintage (new and old) clothing, shoes and accessories… If you are in Paris between the 20th and 22nd of January make sure… [ Continue reading ]

Paris and New York

The Swedish boutique Artilleriet is offering these two limited edition city guides designed by David Ehrenstrahle. One map with a guide of places and experiences in Manhattan, New York of 2010,  and one of Paris for the coming year. Limited to 473 pieces and… [ Continue reading ]

Ode to the North

My good friend Michiel traveld a few times up north, crossing Sweden on is own. He now set his goal to join Fjällräven’s Polar adventure. A 330 km winter adventure north of the Arctic Circle on a dog sled, crossing the inhospitable wilderness, barren tundra’s and… [ Continue reading ]


Today we will start a little trip to Napoli visiting Jeroen Pruijt and enjoy some time off. Updates will follow next week. Stay tuned… (All images by Jeroen Pruijt from his amazing ‘Vedi Napoli e poi muori’ project)… [ Continue reading ]

The Killspencer Workshop Visit

Spencer Nikosey from Killspencer invited me into his workshop downtown LA. After a 45 minutes drive from Manhattan Beach, my taxi driver got a little scared and wondered if I was at the right address. A desolated street with some empty warehouses, old cars and shady businesses was… [ Continue reading ]

48h Los Angeles

I’m back from my 48 hour trip to Los Angeles where we celebrate the launch of the Scion iQ (In Europe and Asia a.k.a. Toyota iQ). It was a great trip, getting some really inspiring insights in Scion’s way of working (still wondering why we don’t do it… [ Continue reading ]


We’re just back from two weeks Norway. Two weeks in two cabins in the middle of nowhere, cycling, fishing, walking and enjoying the family. Two remote weeks without internet, almost without any mobile coverage but with a lot of fun, sun, rain and beautiful views over lakes, mountains and… [ Continue reading ]

And off to Norway

Another Something & Company will be ‘closed’ for the coming weeks. I will be traveling up north to the middle of nowhere, somewhere in the south of Norway, to enjoy family, bike and nature. That means, no updates here until early august. Have a great start of the summer!… [ Continue reading ]

Back from Berlin

We’re back from two days Berlin – two days at four fairs with too many brands doing all the same. A few brands stayed in mind, a few details caught our eyes. Like the lovely striped espadrilles by Armor Lux, the crazy denim fabrics by… [ Continue reading ]


We just arrived in Berlin for a few days at Bread & Butter, Capsule, Seek and an already memorable badminton tournament organized by Converse and High Snobiety. Expect a few more posts on our favorite brands, shops and places in Berlin before we’ll head off to Norway for… [ Continue reading ]


The coming 3 days I’ll be in Barcelona, on a hunt for the best shops, most delicious restaurants and hidden places for the upcoming Journal de Nîmes, together with Luis and my little boy. Expect new updates this weekend. If you know places we… [ Continue reading ]


After a lovely week in the south of France I’m back. We’ve enjoyed the wine, the weather but sadly enough not the hills on my bike. A broken rear dropout kept me from climbing the hills, which was too bad, especially since Rapha supported us with some really… [ Continue reading ]

Amsterdam Inspiration Guide

Tonight Tenue de Nîmes will officially receive the first signed copy of the ‘Amsterdam Inspiration Guide’ by Frame. The guide will be an inspiration guide for cosmopolitan travelers. According to the publishers it will be a handbook to make any traveler at home instantly in our metropolitan city. The book… [ Continue reading ]


Next week we’ll be in France, enjoying the weather, the hills (thanks to Rapha) and the wine (thanks to Chabrol Wines). Updates will be scattered. We will be back and running the 23rd of May. Meanwhile enjoy the updates at the Tenue de Nîmes… [ Continue reading ]

L’atelier J’s Pop up Shoppe

Our all-time favorite blog by Justin R. Saunders JJJJound started last year with a really nice curated online shop, and now hits the ground at Rooney, Montréal, for a temporary pop-up shop. If you’re around, make sure to visit L’atelier J’s Pop up Shoppe… [ Continue reading ]

…and back

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New York was amazing! As you could read on the Tenue de Nîmes blog we ran around like crazy, visiting all the sweet stores around Soho, Brooklyn and Meatpacking and had some really inspiring meetings with Tellason, Cone Mills, Naked… [ Continue reading ]


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This week we’ll be working in NY, visiting the (capsule) fair and getting inspired by this lovely city. We’ve had a great start in Soho with The Quality Mending, a beautiful small vintage store, Partners & Spade, What Goes Around Comes… [ Continue reading ]


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Looking forward to New York, to Capsule, seeing all the new collections and inspiring brands, and to our upcoming Journal de Nîmes the North American Issue. I think this illustration from CXXVI Clothing Co. illustrates it all. [ Continue reading ]


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The past few days we’ve had a lovely start of 2011 in Antwerp. We’ve had a great time at Boulevard Leopold, a beautiful 19th century house in the centre of the Jewish quarter. If you are planning a visit to Antwerp, be sure you’ll go there. [ Continue reading ]