48h Los Angeles

I’m back from my 48 hour trip to Los Angeles where we celebrate the launch of the Scion iQ (In Europe and Asia a.k.a. Toyota iQ). It was a great trip, getting some really inspiring insights in Scion’s way of working (still wondering why we don’t do it that way in Europe) and we had a great time with the folks from Cool Hunting, The Urban Gentleman, Archinect, Daniel Howells, Nylon Magazine a.o. Next week we’ll share some news on the iQ and how they’re going to launch it on the other side of the pool.
Between the interesting talks and great drives on sunny boulevards I visited Killspencer’s Downtown workshop (later more on that), experienced some truly amazing coffee at Intelligentsia and a damn good lunch at Gjelina (both in Venice Beach). It all tasted like more, and LA definitely got my heart!