Kate Spade & Fathom City Guides

Our favorite blog for global-minded travelers Fathom teamed up with Kate Spade NY to create a series of city guides. An online travel resource filled with curated local listings, photos, itineraries, and tips to help readers plan their trips and pack their bags. Five inspiring guides, guiding you in New York City, London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Tahiti, with new global destinations coming up soon. The city guides provide travelers access to the authentic, charming, and memorable experiences they are after – from a desolate mountain village in Tahiti to an over-the-top izakaya in Tokyo.

As Pavia Rosati, founder of Fathom, puts it: “Kate Spade outfits the girl and fathom sends her on her way.” Although we’re not the Kate Spade girl, it’s always good to have more sources to inspiring places around the globe, so we can’t wait to see the rest!

(Pictured the sunset above LA, from our last trip to that side of the globe)