Concept You

I’m almost daily questioning myself why today’s cars are so out-dated. Sure, there are a few smart ingredients, but it’s going so slow… Why isn’t there a proper touchscreen, fabrics that feel good, colors that match in the different materials?
Today, Volvo revealed the Concept You at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show and I think this is everything we expect from a 21st century car. Scandinavian design meets smart technology.
To name a few: The car has a wooden floor covered with hand tufted carpet from the world-famous Swedish brand Kasthall. The whole interior fades from dark in the front to light in the rear. The touch screen in the upper part of the centre console remains in sleeping mode until the driver looks at it. A hidden infrared camera registers the eye movements and information is displayed on the screen. Another sensor registers hand movements and triggers the infotainment system’s control mode. The possibilities are different depending on if the screen is approached by the driver or by the front seat passenger. Welcome to the future.