Sartoria di Gino Cimmino

A visit to Napoli isn’t a visit to Napoli if you don’t stop by a classic bespoke tailor. Invited by one of the best, I found my way thru the narrow streets to a small square, ringing the bell of the house of Gino Cimmino. Gino welcomes me in a few words of English and a warming smile. A two room apartment with a small entrance is the heart of ‘Abiti Sartoriali Maschili Su Misura’, men’s custom tailored suit. The first room is the fitting room with rows of fabric samples hanging down the walls between a few yellowed images of past style icons. The second room is the tailor room. Here, all the Gino Cimmino suits are made end send out to customers around the globe.

Gino Cimmino started at the age of 14 at one of Naples’ tailors as his apprentice. When he turned 23 he decided to start on his own, and since than establish himself among the great couturiers of Naples. It’s inspiring to see a craftsman working in this sober workshop 3 stores high somewhere in the centre of Napoli.

Enjoy the photographs (more images here), and if you’re around make sure to get a proper suit tailored by Sartoria di Gino Cimmino.