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Menno on Freunde von Freunden

We have been friends with Berlin-based everlasting source for inspiration Freunde von Freunden since its inception, so it was a great honor to be featured as one of their Workplaces visits in the Summer of 2014. Yesterday marked another great Freunde von Freunden moment for us, as we were very proud to see our close friend (and Tenue de Nîmes partner) Menno van Meurs as the latest addition in the series that focusses on the work environment. Shot by our friend Jordi Huisman and interviewed by CreativeMornings host Margot van der Krogt, Menno opened up both the doors of his home and the epicenter of the Tenue de Nîmes operation located in the far West of Amsterdam; sharing his passion for denim, vintage design and all those other things that get better over time, in other words: 'the good things in life'. Forming the firm fundament of Tenue, both as the shaping inspirations that have formed us and subsequently in the curation and creation of everything being released by and under the Tenue de Nîmes label. [ Continue reading ]

Freunde von Freunden Workplaces

We have a long history (and friendship) with German interview-magazine Freunde von Freunden, and therefore finding Joachim's interview online this morning almost feels like coming full circle. After first writing about Freunde von Freunden as early as 2011 and for instance creating the Another Someting x FvF mixtape in 2012; it is clear to say that it is a very special honor to be part of the Freunde von Freunden Workplaces profiles. On a sunny Saturday some weeks ago, Felicitas Olschewski and photographer Jordi Huisman visited the new studio at the edge of Amsterdam's city center in the historical Nieuwmarkt area - almost feeling like a little village within the village of Amsterdam - in which we find ourselves in a beautiful spot right at the mouth of what becomes the Herengracht canal. The conversation starts at the beginning of Joachim's career, dropping out of art school, the love for collecting, favorite projects that were created over the years and finally the exciting projects that lay ahead. [ Continue reading ]

Freunde von Freunden Apartment

Today, Vitra and our favorite online interview magazine Freunde von Freunden have started a fascinating new collaboration, in the form of an apartment in the centre of Berlin. The 'FvF Apartment by Vitra' on the Mulackstrasse 26 offers a glimpse into the world of the Vitra living collage and visualizes Freunde von Freunden’s conceptualization of urban living. The house is fully designed for the digitally oriented generation, for whom creativity, sustainability, and mobility are more important than status. Based on the common styles and experiences of Vitra and Freunde von Freunden, the FvF Apartment offers the necessary space to examine what this group of people is looking for in their home. At the same time offers the Apartment a platform for innovative products from friends and fellow partners (including New Tendency, Aesop and Paper & Tea) and will be available as an apartment, for events and for presentations. [ Continue reading ]

Freunde von Freunden Workplaces

We really like the latest focus point in the visual guidance through the world of creativity by our friends Freunde von Freunden. In Freunde von Freunde Workplaces the intention is capturing the individual, their strengths, their motivations and specifically their work environments in the broadest sense of the word. Rendering intimate impressions that specifically illuminate the creative working environments and lifestyles as shared by the selected friends in the spotlight. By expanding the focus beyond the homes of their friends, Freunde von Freunden Workplaces aims to dig deeper into the lives of those sharing their story.  [ Continue reading ]

Another x Freunde von Freunden

Freunde von Freunden, the Berlin based interview magazine portraying people of diverse creative and cultural backgrounds in their homes or within their daily working environments, asked me to create a mix tape for them. It became a collection of tracks with it’s roots in the winter,… [ Continue reading ]

Freunde von Freunden

Freunde von freunden (friends of friends) is an online interview magazine documenting the studio’s, homes and spaces of friends, and friends of friends. Their latest addition is an interview with Jacob Klein and Nathan Cowen, the guys behind, the beautifully curated image… [ Continue reading ]

Down the long driveway, you’ll see it

And we are back in the new year, in which we will start a lot of new exciting projects and share more beautiful stories both under the Another Something & Co. flag as within Our Current Obsessions: stay with us to be a part of another amazing year. Today we go back to 2014 one last time, and shine light on the incredible book 'Down the long driveway, you'll see it,' which was released at the end of last year by writer Matthew Arnold and photographer Mary Gaudin. In the book a tremendous collection of photographs is gracefully presented, showcasing some of the most beautiful modernist homes in New Zealand, ranging from being built in 1950 until 1974. The somewhat ambiguous title of the book derives from a phrase in an email from one of the owners of the houses, Bruce Martin, giving directions to his home at the rural Māori settlement and surrounding area in Hawke's Bay, named Bridge Pā. When Matthew and Mary arrived at the lovely house, they found a lifetime’s of pottery in it, made by both Bruce and his wife Estelle, together with gifts from potter friends. As this exquisite mix of craftsmanship and design turned out to be reminiscent for all the one-of-a-kind homes shown in the book, the quote became a symbol for this extraordinary project. [ Continue reading ]

2014 — 2015

Another year flew by! A year with so many beautiful milestones! The launch of Our Current Obsessions with Gertrud & George. A portrait by Freunde von Freunden. The opening of Fam Stegeman (design project online soon in our portfolio). The tenth issue of the Journal de Nîmes (nr eleven is available next week!). And the collaboration between Tenue de Nîmes and Pastoe.
Some amazing content with your most favourite posts here at Another Something like The Loft, The Monocle Guide to Good Business, Ouur and The Age of Collage.
Thank you all for being part of this, and staying with us all the time!
We promise the new year will bring even more! [ Continue reading ]

OPENHOUSE Magazine 02

The day before yesterday OPENHOUSE Magazine launched its highly anticipated second issue, after 6 months in which the Kickstarter funded debut edition of magazine spread its wings all over the planet, with Tenue de Nîmes as one of the many places where it could be found. Based in San Sebastian, Spain, OPENHOUSE was founded by Andrew Trotter and Mari Luz Vidal and is a magazine with a clear focus on beautiful photography and captivating interviews with people who invite the reader to their special places around the world. In the second issue Andrew and Mari talk to Jermome Waag, head chef at Chez Panisse, about what he likes to cook at home for his friends in his time off. In Barcelona the inspirational warehouse space Espacio 88 is visited. It holds an architecture studio, a coffee van in the mornings, and many different pop-ups. Also the Freunde von Freunden Apartment in Berlin is featured in one of the stories. We particularly love the story that takes its reader to a small village in the Italian countryside, where Attillio and Paola live in the old Cinema Flora, and regularly open their doors for film nights, with in the portrayed night one of our all-time favorite movies, Matthieu Kassovitz' La Haine being shown. We love how Andrew and Mari show great consistency and even growth within this second issue, which very likely will win over even more hearts than their debut. [ Continue reading ]

Curated Nº 10 — The White Rabbit

We have been a little quiet about our last couple of Curated gifts, but last week we celebrated the release of already the tenth gift for our subscribers. For this tenth anniversary we collaborated with Rotterdam-based design label Sweatshop Deluxe, which offers young designers the chance to produce limited released of their designs and helped us with the production of The White Rabbit. This porcelain rabbit we created is a design of Lise Lefebvre, a French designer, who is based in Amsterdam. Next to the work she produces with her studio, she also works as the head of education for product design at the Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam and she teaches at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. The exclusive limited editions of the faceted porcelain rabbit were dipped in indigo glazing, giving them an unique beautiful two-toned appearance, as if The White Rabbit just took a little dip in magical water. [ Continue reading ]

Another Spring Playlist by Michael A. Muller

Time for a new playlist! This time a special one, as we weren't the ones selecting the music, but our friend Michael A. Muller was kind enough to share his favorites for this time of the year. Michael is based in Austin, Texas and is a photographer who has worked for Kinfolk, Cereal and Freunde von Freunden, amongst others.
His list starts with Memory Loss by The Snow, the new supergroup of Dustin Payseur, Jack Tatum and Andreas Lagerström. Followed by Carnival Ghost by childhood friends John Fredericks and Andy Breihan and their band SACCO. The next song is second single by German lap-pop band The Notwist of their  debut Close to the Glass. Moving from guitar pop to the more electronic sounds of Seattle-based Beat Connection and their Invisible Cities. Next is our favorite track Turn Away of the most recent Beck record Morning Phase. Back to electronics, She Just Like to Fight by Four Tet. After which the lead single of Californian Jazz duo The Mattson 2 and the experimental On Guyot of Wild Nothing's Empty Estate EP follow. The song by Small Black and featuring Frankie Rose named Real People was inspired by Colton Harris-Moore, a teenager from rural Washington who went on a crime spree. Next up is one of our favorite artists Nils Frahm and his haunting For of the album Juno. More instrumental tunes follow with Mick Turner's Here's a Way and Takeshi Nishimoto's 6/8. The final song is yet another special one: recorded in Nils Frahm's studio and recently released on the namesake 18-song album, the beautiful Pinô by Norwegian Otto A. Totland. [ Continue reading ]

Xavi Mañosa

Freunde von Freunden keeps on feeding us with beautifully shot portraits and inspiring interviews with creative people from all over the world. They’ve just put online the portrait of Barcelona based Ceramist Xavi Mañosa. Inherited the tradition from his father and now investigating the connection… [ Continue reading ]

Nanna van Blaaderen

When Freunde von Freunden asked me who to visit when in the Netherlands, the first person that popped in mind was Nanna van Blaaderen. The Dutch textile and fashion designer, known for her almost sculptural knitted pieces, welcomed the FvF crew in her house and studio - resulting in a page long interview and and inspiring look behind the scenes and inspirations of Nanna. [ Continue reading ]

Another Spring Playlist

I’ve made another playlist for this spring and early summer. A collection with all my favorite tracks over the past months. A playlist for early morning rides on your bike, lost hours in a plane before hitting in a new and unknown city, or just to enjoy on one of… [ Continue reading ]

The Boros residence

The German Freunde von Freunden (friends of friends) visited  the Boros residence – a former Second World War air raid shelter built in 1942 in central Berlin. An amazing place where Christian and his wife, Karen, live with their son between a dazzling collection of art and installations… [ Continue reading ]