Freunde von Freunden Workplaces

We really like the latest focus point in the visual guidance through the world of creativity by our friends Freunde von Freunden. In Freunde von Freunde Workplaces the intention is capturing the individual, their strengths, their motivations and specifically their work environments in the broadest sense of the word. Rendering intimate impressions that specifically illuminate the creative working environments and lifestyles as shared by the selected friends in the spotlight. By expanding the focus beyond the homes of their friends, Freunde von Freunden Workplaces aims to dig deeper into the lives of those sharing their story. 

When Freunde von Freunden moved offices some time ago, they found themselves searching for inspiration in order to create an environment that reflected the spirit of Freunde von Freunden and that search sparked the inspiration for Freunde von Freunden Workplaces. People that have been spotlighted so far are for instance Leyla Piedayesh and the team of her acclaimed fashion label Lala Berlin, which Freunde von Freunden visited at the studio and subsequently resulted in an invitation backstage at one of her shows. Other features on Workplaces were the Berlin based Chris Rehberger and his Double Standard’s minimalistic office space and the artist Sage Vaughn, who lives an exceptional American dream in the colorful landscape of his Los Angeles studio.

See Freunde von Freunden Workplaces here.