Curated Nº 10 — The White Rabbit

We have been a little quiet about our last couple of Curated gifts, but last week we celebrated the release of already the tenth gift for our subscribers. For this tenth anniversary we collaborated with Rotterdam-based design label Sweatshop Deluxe, which offers young designers the chance to produce limited released of their designs and helped us with the production of The White Rabbit. This porcelain rabbit we created is a design of Lise Lefebvre, a French designer, who is based in Amsterdam. Next to the work she produces with her studio, she also works as the head of education for product design at the Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam and she teaches at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. The exclusive limited editions of the faceted porcelain rabbit were dipped in indigo glazing, giving them an unique beautiful two-toned appearance, as if The White Rabbit just took a little dip in magical water.

The fundament of The White Rabbit is an existing 3D-model, The Tron Bunny, which is a faceted variation of the original Stanford Bunny. This last design was developed in 1994 by Greg Turk and Marc Levoy for the Stanford University and is the very first computer-created 3D model, which Turk and Levoy based on a scan of a clay model, and now a days as an Open Source concept is free to be used by others.

The White Rabbit, in line with the sentiment created by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland giving the animals a rather mythical aura, is both a product of our love for the traditional stuffed animals as more abstract elements found in contemporary design. Both the new studio as the Tenue de Nîmes stores are filled with stuffed animals, but also animals made out of wood and messing, and since this week also a porcelain specimen.

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