2014 — 2015

Another year flew by! A year with so many beautiful milestones! The launch of Our Current Obsessions with Gertrud & George. A portrait by Freunde von Freunden. The opening of Fam Stegeman (design project online soon in our portfolio). The tenth issue of the Journal de Nîmes (nr eleven is available next week!). And the collaboration between Tenue de Nîmes and Pastoe.
Some amazing content with your most favourite posts here at Another Something like The Loft, The Monocle Guide to Good Business, Ouur and The Age of Collage.
Thank you all for being part of this, and staying with us all the time!
We promise the new year will bring even more!
We’ll kick off the new year with a Current Obsession at De Modefabriek in Amsterdam. A very special edition completely dedicated to ‘Rain’. Besides this we started a design project for I Amsterdam. Some special projects with Rapha. And a collaboration with …,staat. Next to all this our very own sunglasses brand will be launched this spring, and as mentioned the new issue of Journal de Nîmes will hit the store next week.

Happy New Year!
It will be amazing.