Menno on Freunde von Freunden

We have been friends with Berlin-based everlasting source for inspiration Freunde von Freunden since its inception, so it was a great honor to be featured as one of their Workplaces visits in the Summer of 2014. Yesterday marked another great Freunde von Freunden moment for us, as we were very proud to see our close friend (and Tenue de Nîmes partner) Menno van Meurs as the latest addition in the series that focusses on the work environment. Shot by our friend Jordi Huisman and interviewed by CreativeMornings host Margot van der Krogt, Menno opened up both the doors of his home and the epicenter of the Tenue de Nîmes operation located in the far West of Amsterdam; sharing his passion for denim, vintage design and all those other things that get better over time, in other words: ‘the good things in life’. Forming the firm fundament of Tenue, both as the shaping inspirations that have formed us and subsequently in the curation and creation of everything being released by and under the Tenue de Nîmes label.

Warm chestnut mid-century cabinets host Japanese dolls, whiskey bottles, and spools of colored yarn; stuffed foxes peek out from behind piles of jeans; and 1950s jackets are hung like pieces of art on blue walls. Everything in the room demands your attention as every piece has a story to tell. Together, the objects form a timeless harmony that can only be identified as Tenue de Nîmes.

Menno on the development of Tenue de Nîmes over the years since it was founded in 2007:

We started meeting all these crazy people who shared our passion for indigo and denim, but also for leather goods and cosmetics and jewelry. Tenue de Nîmes has progressed quite organically from a purist jeans store to a warehouse of beautiful products, brands and concepts.

And what the – in our eyes crucial in contemporary times – Tenue de Nîmes store experience promises to be:

When people enter our stores, I want them to lose all sense of time. I serve them a nice coffee and encourage them to relax, to enjoy the moment. On a product level, in addition to offering great denim brands, we focus on defining the perfect basic. Because at the end of the day, we don’t actually need that much. Buy less, pay more.

Photography by Jordi Huisman.

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