Freunde von Freunden Apartment

Today, Vitra and our favorite online interview magazine Freunde von Freunden have started a fascinating new collaboration, in the form of an apartment in the centre of Berlin. The ‘FvF Apartment by Vitra’ on the Mulackstrasse 26 offers a glimpse into the world of the Vitra living collage and visualizes Freunde von Freunden’s conceptualization of urban living. The house is fully designed for the digitally oriented generation, for whom creativity, sustainability, and mobility are more important than status. Based on the common styles and experiences of Vitra and Freunde von Freunden, the FvF Apartment offers the necessary space to examine what this group of people is looking for in their home. At the same time offers the Apartment a platform for innovative products from friends and fellow partners (including New Tendency, Aesop and Paper & Tea) and will be available as an apartment, for events and for presentations.

Be it a classic like the Eames Lounge Chair or contemporary furniture like the Slow Chair by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, in the over 500 portraits of international creatives by Freunde von Freunden, taking place in almost 50 cities worldwide, Vitra has always been a reappearing component which in the end sparked this particular collaboration. The apartment showcases an individually designed space as the quintessence of the many interviews, which corresponds to Vitra’s philosophy of the ‘collage’, which one recognizes in the deliberate composition of furniture and accessories with a clean-cut structure.. The common culture that suffuses the habitats of Vitra’s and Feunde von Freunden’s friends is clearly reflected the style one finds at the apartment.

Under the direction of Freunde von Freunden and the interior designers Etienne Descloux and Katrin Greiling, the 65sqm ‘Altbau’ apartment on Mulackstrasse was rebuilt and designed to become a flexible apartment, adaptable to the diverse scenarios of everyday life.

For more information visit here.