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A few weeks back we received a message from Nicolas Gabard and Synneve Goode sharing their love for the perfect men’s wardrobe in the most beautiful possible way , translated into their own menswear brand from Paris: Husbands. A lovely new brand with a European touch: ‘The shirts… [ Continue reading ]

RWSA x Barrett Alley

Some lovely news from our Red Wing Shoes store in Amsterdam: They teamed up with Barrett Alley from Texas, USA and co-created a limited series of bracelets made from vintage Japanese hemp cloth. The original piece of fabric dates back to the early 1900s and… [ Continue reading ]

The Quiet Farm

There’s a new shop in (online)town called The Quiet Farm. An online boutique with a great curation of classic and honest products, all dedicated to enjoy life, ‘the time with family, friends and that big muddy place, the outside.’ Things like a Countrymen’s Whistle, the book ‘Our Garden Birds’… [ Continue reading ]

Naturalis Works – Juliet Barker

Born from the belief that selecting the perfect materials is a critical part of the creative process, GF Smith launched the second Naturalis Works feather. This time featuring  the British violin maker Juliet Barker. ‘Juliet Barker makes exquisite stringed instruments. She is a craftswoman. But her craft is… [ Continue reading ]


The first Curated gift I made was send out this week. A first gift, dedicated to my love to travel. The love for the unknown, of putting everything together you can't mis and hit the road. Whether it's from Utrecht to Amsterdam or Amsterdam to London, Los Angeles or Lisbon.
The only thing with traveling is that it doesn't go really well with my need for structure. In a bag, or a suitcase, things move around, because you have to open up your luggage at the customs, or need that one particular item at the bottom of your suitcase and everything will move upside-down. I needed something to solve this problem. Something special. [ Continue reading ]

Manufacture & Industry

One of the blogs we recently discovered is the British ‘Manufacture & Industry’. A blog dedicated to document the craftsmanship and history of products made in the British Isles. They are around for quite some time already and did some great work documenting the people and craft behind… [ Continue reading ]


“When I started, the biggest problem was that in Grosetto there were no people who could work to give me a hand – I needed more people to increase production. I had to do it all myself, work the day and the night, weld and do everything. [ Continue reading ]

Leica Edition Hermès

Yesterday Leica presented their new limited edition sets created in collaboration with Hermès. The exclusive M9-P “Edition Hermès” and the M9-P “Edition Hermès – Série Limitée Jean-Louis Dumas incorporate “Veau Swift” calfskin leather in “ocre,” supplied by Hermès for the leathering of the silver-chromed version of the… [ Continue reading ]

Studio on Fire

It is always good to see print is far from dead, and there are still people investing in good quality and craftsmanship. For more than 12 years ‘Studio on Fire’ is doing a great job in letterpress printing, and keeping the craft alive! The studio started late 1999,… [ Continue reading ]

Atlas Quarterly

Last time we visited Los Angeles we found the beautiful magazine Atlas Quarterly, a print publication that curates American craft and curio. Each page of the glossy magazine tells the story of dedicated craftsmen and precious objects from the past. Inside every copy is a rare… [ Continue reading ]

Globe-Trotter for GFSmith

GFSmith released a new website where they feature partnerships, collaborations and stories with likeminded companies in a lovely editorial way. For this movie they've partnered with the iconic British luggage company Globe-Trotter. The unique set of cases have been created by Globe-Trotter for the exclusive use of the GFSmith sales team (I instantly want to be part of that sales team) and are made of  their iconic paper – fourteen bonded layers of vulcanised fibreboard — in the shades of the Colorplan: Factory Yellow and Real Grey. [ Continue reading ]

Naturalis Works

Our favorite paper supplier GFSmith launched a new project called Naturalis Works. It is series of films and booklets designed around their conversations with acclaimed craftspeople working in diverse fields. The first in row is Oliver Spencer and his approach to materials and their use and… [ Continue reading ]

The bike

When I started road cycling a few years back I bought a simple bike, just to see if this was the thing I wanted to do. After the first km's it felt like I was built for it! When I met Elian, a dutch craftsman building some amazing bicycles, a year ago, I instantly wanted a bike from him as my 'official' road bike. We did a little tour together with The Village from Utrecht to Antwerp and back, supported by Rapha, joint by Ajanaku a.o. and I got infected with the custom bicycle virus... We sat down, talked about steel frames, details, colors, old vs new techniques and we drew the first outlines of my new bike. More then 6 months later it is here, and it was so much worth the wait! [ Continue reading ]

Tudor Prince Oyster

I just found this amazing watch, a Tudor Prince Oyster from around the 1950s. The silver dial with beautiful patina, applied gold arabic even numerals and dot markers, the gold needle hands, and a lovely brown suede strap… Dear beauty… Buy before I do! (Available at Park & Bond)… [ Continue reading ]

Ten C

Walking around at Pitti Immagine Uomo it was hard to see something new. You get used to styles, images and qualities. There was only one brand that really blew my mind. Ten C, The Emperors New Clothes. Its a brand designed by Alessandro Pungetti and Paul Harvey and is made exclusively in Italy. They have only seven jackets in one fabric. The outside fabric comes from the car industry and is used for rooftops. It's an amazing rock-solid fabric that will last for ever. 'Tank-like' like Selectism is putting it. For the inside they have different linings, varying from shearling wool to quilt, to keep you cool during the summer and warm during the winter. [ Continue reading ]


Sweden based branding & communication company Blixt & Dunder  launched their third autonomous project called Kniven. After a limited edition bow-tie and an iPhone app they’ve just released this beautiful hand made pocketknife with a weatherproof rosewood handle, broad, curved blade and decorative brass ornament and… [ Continue reading ]

The Brother in Elysium

Jon Beacham, letterpress printmaker and initiator of The Hermitage, a very specific space/shop in Beacon, New York (upstate) from 2007 till 2009 (featured in T-Magazine end 2009), started ‘The Brother in Elysium’, a studio in Brooklyn fully focused on printing letterpress. An old street level garage… [ Continue reading ]

Sartoria di Gino Cimmino

A visit to Napoli isn’t a visit to Napoli if you don't stop by a classic bespoke tailor. Invited by one of the best, I found my way thru the narrow streets to a small square, ringing the bell of the house of Gino Cimmino. Gino welcomes me in a few words of English and a warming smile. A two room apartment with a small entrance is the heart of ‘Abiti Sartoriali Maschili Su Misura’, men's custom tailored suit. The first room is the fitting room with rows of fabric samples hanging down the walls between a few yellowed images of past style icons. The second room is the tailor room. Here, all the Gino Cimmino suits are made end send out to customers around the globe. [ Continue reading ]

Salvatore Piccolo

While looking a little into the local businesses in Napoli, some orientation for next week, I found this new collaboration by Monocle: Salvatore Piccolo X Monocle Shirts. A beautiful ready to wear light blue cotton canvas and crispy striped shirt with collar and cuffs… [ Continue reading ]