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Mark Robinson from The 189 just shared this amazing video. It’s the trailer for a short film titled ‘Charlotte’ about  an extraordinary boatyard, the Gannon & Benjamin Marine Railway, located on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Ross Gannon and Nat Benjamin established the boatyard in 1980 with the purpose of designing, building, and maintaining traditionally built wooden boats, and in the process they transformed Vineyard Haven harbor into a mecca for wooden boat owners and enthusiasts.  After a long career of designing and constructing boats for others, Nat embarks on building a 50 foot gaff rigged schooner for use by his family and friends — her name is Charlotte. [ Continue reading ]

75 years of Jaguar

It is not ‘one of the most beautiful’ cars by Jaguar, but THE most beautiful and phenomenal piece of machinery, the XJ13. Only one was made, to win Le Mans in the mid-1960s, a race that it would never take part in due to a change… [ Continue reading ]


Last week I enjoyed a little trip to Lucca, Italy, to visit the leather workshop where the TravelTeq bags are made. A beautiful little space with 7 craftsman working every day to make one of the best bags in the world. In the upcoming… [ Continue reading ]

Species. A Tribute

Last week the Amsterdam based textile designer Nanna van Blaaderen opened an exhibition at Droog. Amazing textile designs, wonderful sculptural knits, as gentle to the skin as they are to the environment she develops textiles that integrate comfort, elegance, quality and sustainability. Be sure… [ Continue reading ]

Paper heaven

Paper is all about texture, and that texture becomes more and more important since the alternative of e-paper doesn’t have any texture or any emotion in its material. That’s why it is so important for graphic designers to have sample collections, books and magazines - all to see how paper really feels and if the emotion fits within their design. [ Continue reading ]

Inside Out

Please welcome the beautiful proof Travelteq is not all about leather, but about timeless, functional design. The first in a new line of bags is the Trash Inside Out. Made of high quality dark green waxed canvas and finished with leather seams and handles, the same … [ Continue reading ]

Nigel Cabourn

Last year Tenue de Nîmes was invited to New Castle by Nigel Cabourn. He wanted to share a sneak preview with us of his 2011 Spring Summer collection. He told us about his search for old designs, materials and fabrics. He shared some of his most bizarre finds with us and told us about his quest to put these finds in a contemporary, Nigel Cabourn perspective. This search for a perspective led him to this season's theme: The Submarine. [ Continue reading ]

The Shipwrights

Today I found myself wandering around in the early morning breeze and light rain on an old shipyard, specialized in creating and repairing old Botters, the authentic Dutch sailing fishing vessels. Behind the beautiful facade of the old village of Spakenburg, an almost lost world of real craftsmanship… [ Continue reading ]


Last week we stumbled on these lovely beeswax candles on Etsy. 100% organic and made in a solar powered, rolling tree house (would love to see that!) They are made from vintage bottles, dug up from residential landfills, collected by Peter & Jewels from Pollen Arts… [ Continue reading ]

Riccardo Freccia Bestetti

‘Madaboutown is for the man who’s not interested in trends, but in representing his timeless taste for quality and style one garment and accessory at a time.’ At least they are following the trend of giving really nice insights in craftsmanship. Here’s a short documentary on shoemaker Riccardo Freccia Bestetti. And… [ Continue reading ]


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My friend Spencer Nikosey from Killspencer released some new bags today. Amongst them there’s this oversized tote made out of 22 oz classic “Original Wax” black filter twill. The bag is lined with a fire retardant black nylon and finished with a black leather… [ Continue reading ]

190 steps

‘To witness the step-by-step process by which a pair of John Lobb shoes comes to life at its Northampton workshop is to see traditional craftsmanship and genuine skill in action.’ This lovely short clip produced by John Lobb highlighting the manufacturing steps each shoe goes through within their… [ Continue reading ]


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I just found this a wonderful series of small knifes, in beautiful whale shapes and all hand made. These ‘Whale Knifes’ are designed by Tetsu Yamashita, and hand made by Tosa, a company mastered in traditional Japanese knife crafting. Too bad they are… [ Continue reading ]


A few guys from Utrecht, my home town, started a little company called Elian to make handcrafted and tailor-made bicycles. Beautiful elegant and simple bikes, made to last, and more important, made to survive the dutch circumstances of the weather and intense use. All the frames are completely build up by hand and have their unique number. [ Continue reading ]

Inspirations — Michael Rolling

Being a big fan of Saint Crispin’s it is a pleasure to start this returning interview series for Anothersomething with Michael Rolling, the shoe designer behind this exclusive brand. We wrote about them before and are excited to see he just launched a new brand called Zonkey Boot (later more on that). Enjoy a glimpse in his world, his inspiration and future plans. [ Continue reading ]

Olivier Abry

Frenchman Olivier Abry started a workshop to assemble, create and restore vintage furniture and objects. He gave us a peak in his studio, packed with beautiful handmade lamps. Some of the materials are coming from the US and are assembled, recreated into new 'one off' vintage pieces in his workshop in Lyon. Be sure you'll visit his site and his inspirational image blog. Continue for more images > [ Continue reading ]

Saint Crispins ’11

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Our favorite shoe maker Saint Crispins just gave us a preview of their 2011 collection and I instantly fell in love with these beauties. Enjoy more handmade treasures here >… [ Continue reading ]


Check this preview for a series of films launching this fall, celebrating the collision between a Best Made axe and wood. Directed by Finn O’Hara with music by Nico Muhly. [ Continue reading ]


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Again some beautiful work by Studio Kiki van Eijk presented this Maison et Objet in Paris. Bijoux is a glass & ceramics collection for gallery Secondome Edizione in Rome, all hand-made by some of the best craftsmen in Italy. The ‘delicate and tactile forms… [ Continue reading ]


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As Menno mentioned in a previous post we love the personal stories vintage watches are telling us. After a few weeks looking for these engravings on the back of a vintage watch I found a few to share. (And I’m happy to say one of… [ Continue reading ]


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Bird, designed by Kristian Vedel in 1959, is making its comeback. The three birds, the child, the parents and the grandparents, are now available again via ArchitectMade. They are still hand made, in a traditional woodturner workshop in Denmark, piece by piece, in three… [ Continue reading ]


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Qompendium just shared this beautiful handcrafted crystal iPhone and iPod Touch stand by CalypsoCrystal with us and I instantly fell in love! Usually I’m not a big fan of crystal, but this one is made with such an elegance and restraint that I just… [ Continue reading ]