Naturalis Works – Juliet Barker

Born from the belief that selecting the perfect materials is a critical part of the creative process, GF Smith launched the second Naturalis Works feather. This time featuring  the British violin maker Juliet Barker. ‘Juliet Barker makes exquisite stringed instruments. She is a craftswoman. But her craft is so much more than design, construction or assembly. She is a wood carver, producing work that is delicate and traditional in style. She is an architect, using her experience and instinct to choose materials that will realise the potential of the finished piece. She is an acoustician, relying on memory and instinct to hone the sound. This last aspect of her work is something, she says, that cannot be explained; it is not a science.’ Amazing to see someone hand-making violins, violas, cellos and the occasional double bass for over a 50 years! Together with this film which was shot by Steven Fisher, StudioMakgill created a lovely booklet which tell the story even better.
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