The Travel Almanac

At the start of my trips to Berlin, Norway, Manchester and Lucca of last month I picked up the first issue of The Travel Almanac. A new, fresh and beautiful designed magazine featuring a really nice special on Japanese Ryokans (ultra-traditional countryside hotels), interviews with David Lynch, Javier Peres, James Murphy, Terence Koh and many more.
The Travel Almanac explores the topics of traveling and temporary habitation from the personal perspectives of innovative figures in the fashion, music, art, and film worlds. Addressing an increasingly mobilized creative community, it is the first publication of its kind to speak to this sophisticated generation of travelers. The plurality of this community inspires the magazine to focus on individual’s personal experiences and the effects of travel on their lives and work.’
Great companion on the road, and a good addition to Monocle, Port and others! (Images by Motto Distribution)