The Red Wing Oro Legacy

Red Wing Heritage just re-introduced their iconic 875 and 877 boots in Oro Legacy leather. This brings the boots back to the original style of the models when they were introduced in 1952 and 1953. Supple  and classic, Oro Legacy is full-grain (naked) leather, which is tanned using traditional methods at Red Wing’s own S.B. Foot Tanning tannery. There is no pigment used during the finishing process, which means the natural beauty and colour of the leather is emphasised, making every pair unique. The boots were originally designed to be a part of the Red Wing Irish Setter collection and the colour was, fittingly, a direct reference to a 1950‘s era employee’s dog.

Red Wing Heritage adds a new chapter to the already rich history of 875 and 877 designs by re-releasing the boots in the archival Oro Legacy leather last used for these models decades ago. Over the years, the leather used to make the 875 and 877 has evolved and changed over time. This re-launch marks a return to the most historically important and pure design from the Red Wing archives.

Oro Legacy leather represents durability, eye appealing, healthful properties which moulds readily to the shape of the foot. In the creation of the beautiful natural aesthetic the amount and type of oil used by the tannery was a critical component in both the development of colour and feel. This rich, oily feel is historically perceived as a signature property of Red Wing shoes and boots.

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