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Midori x Takeo

We love this extraordinary collaboration between two of our favorite Japanse companies Midori and Takeo Paper, in which they experiment with the product of paper in a beautifully manner, both print-wise and in the use of unique sorts of paper. Under the name 'Card Labo' the two Japanese companies have pledged to work together and create beautiful new products combining their individual specialties. The first set of products is a wonderful start. Designed in an 'Encyclopedia' format in which various printing processes were put to use, four series of four greeting cards with each a different theme were developed, truly engaging the senses. [ Continue reading ]


Recently we stumbled upon this amazing collection of invitations, programs, flyers, posters, and broadsides from the period 1985 to 1987 of the legendary New York-based Palladium nightclub via recto|verso. The level of creativity and diversity is truly astonishing. The Palladium was a cinema, concert hall and later a nightclub. Designed by Thomas W. Lamb and originally called the Academy of Music, it was built in 1927 across the street from the site of an earlier venue of the same name. Opened as a deluxe movie palace by movie mogul William Fox, the Academy operated as a movie theater and concert hall through the early 1970s. In 1985, the Palladium was converted into a nightclub by Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager. Japanese architect Arata Isozaki redesigned the building's interior for the club. When Rubell and Schrager took over a new important chapter started for the Palladium as the heart of the New York art and music scene, exemplified by this wonderful collection. [ Continue reading ]

Another Collection Illustrated

The fascinating essence of collecting is the dynamic starting when one finds an object, and by placing it within the context of other items, creating a new entity: the collection. Whether it's a set of objects with great similarity or objects that have no apparent connection, within the context of a collection everything goes as long as the objects are brought together by the collector(s). As the Another Something & Company studio, over the years, has become a vault for (an) ever-expanding collection(s), we found it was time to start sharing some of the objects one finds here. And by doing so in an illustrated form, creating a whole new collection which we named: Another Collection illustrated. [ Continue reading ]

Another Gift Guide Preview 2013 x Nuji

As a preview of our annual Another Gift Guide we’ve selected 10 of our favorites exclusively for Nuji. Number one is the amazing Nomos Lambda, a wonderful timepiece in 18-carat white or rose gold. Number two are the leather crochet touchscreen gloves by Mujjo, both geeky and style-full. Number three is our all-time favourite the 33” Globe Trotter Centenary in grey and black. Number four is the just released Watch Roll by our friends of Travelteq, a need to have for every watch collector. Illesteva’s Felix Light Tortoise makes a perfect number five. Number six is the lovely collection of City Cycling Guides by Rapha. The beautifully handcrafted apron’s of Editor’s Index is number seven. Eight is the men’s travel essential, Baxter of California’s Travel Kit. Number nine are the amazing rubberised hand-made products of Hancock, with this indigo jacket at Tenue de Nîmes as our favourite. And the last one is this pair of Nike Free Trainers. [ Continue reading ]

Feathers at Gallery 33

Our friends at Gallery 33 opened a very interesting new exhibition named Feathers on the 25th of October. The multidisciplinary exhibition has dinosaurs as its main theme, resulting from the everlasting dinosaur phase which the Gallery 33 crew never outgrew. And with the popular opinion amongst palaeontologists nowadays that modern birds are considered to be the only surviving dinosaurs, as some of them had feathers in some way, shape or form; the exhibition was named Feathers. [ Continue reading ]

Harry Rosen by Gary Taxali

In November Harry Rosen will introduce a playful new collection of five special edition pocket squares designed by Canadian artist Gary Taxali. The 100% silk pocket squares, created exclusively for Canada’s premiere menswear retailer, celebrate the culturally-rich heritage of Canada and the featured cities: Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. Each of Taxali’s unique designs plays off of the character, culture and landmarks of the particular city. The results are a set of colourful, comical, and highly wearable, collector’s item. [ Continue reading ]

Another Dutch Design – Volkskrant Magazine

The national Dutch newspaper Volkskrant invited us, together with Parra, Noma Bar, Andy Rementer, Geneviève Gauckler, Arjan Benning & Nina Broersen,  to create an image for their magazine to celebrate Dutch Design and the upcoming Dutch Design Week.
The image we've made is a collection of old and new icons of Dutch Design. From old windmills to the new CCTV building by Rem Koolhaas. From the Rietveld chair and the Chest of Drawers by Tejo Remy to the Egg Vase and Horse Lamp by Marcel Wanders. From the old Fokker and  Daf airplanes and cars to the new Joolz strollers. All very Dutch, all beneath sea level...  [ Continue reading ]

Lapka Diary

The collaboration between the always inspiring Lapka, Jonathan Zawada and Jordana for the Lapka Diary is a lovely one. The project consists of 30 illustrations by renowned graphic designer Zawada and 30 diary notes on a broad field of spaces and objects in which a teenaged girl named Jordana has used her Lapka. The notes by Jordana are sincere and witty and show the broad versatility of the Lapka, combined with the playful black and white designs of Zawada making the project a fascinating hybrid of creativity inspired by Lapka.  [ Continue reading ]

The Art of Sergei Sviatchenko

'Everything goes right and left if you want it' is the title of the first publication on Sergei Sviatchenko, the good man behind Close Up and Private. The Berlin-based publisher Gestalten released this beautiful book featuring Sviatchenko's modern collages and keen eye on colour. "In the world of contemporary art, Sviatchenko is a provocateur. He draws on and harnesses all of the cultural tides he has experienced in 40 years of image-making. Sviatchenko’s oeuvre spans the known and the unimaginable. It cuts through the boundaries of traditional and contemporary visuals to merge pop culture with politics, personal memory with collective histories, and architecture and science with the logic of dreams." [ Continue reading ]

City Maps

While planning my next trip to London we’ve just received these really nice guides by Herb Lester Associates featuring old bookshops and new coffee shops, park benches and dive bars, hat shops and haberdashers. Basically the world according to Herb Lester. At this moment maps of London, as… [ Continue reading ]

Tenth Cranial Nerve

The London based set designers duo Anna Fulmine and Victoria Shahrokh, better known as Lightning & Kinglyface, created this stunning installation, the Tenth Cranial Nerve, for Nomad for a series of events, in the Old Vic tunnels. Inspired by the woodcuts of animal dissections by the Greek physician… [ Continue reading ]

Anouk Griffioen

We're a huge fan of the work of Rotterdam based artist Anouk Griffioen. After her collaboration with Annemarieke van Drimmelen where photography and illustration came together in beautiful collages and oversized prints she continued that that theme and created a series of new works. We very much love the oversized pieces of paper and canvas with thick black lines, smudges and spaces, abstract and layered drawings. [ Continue reading ]

The Durations

Portland based artist and printmaker Alyson Provax made this beautiful series of works called ‘The Durations’. A series of hand printed silkscreen monotypes loosely based on perception of time as filtered through awkward language. Beautiful type, washy, aquarelle-like faded words, printed on heavy weight paper. Be sure to… [ Continue reading ]

Ted Parker for Kuvva

Ted Parker made a series of wallpapers for Kuvva, the tailor for your digital life. Kuvva styles your Twitter profile and computer desktop with some great images from the best illustrators and artists around the globe. This week it was Ted Parker’s turn… [ Continue reading ]

Looking at Trees

The Dutch publisher Roma Publication just published this amazing little book ‘Looking at Trees’ by Irene Kopelman. In subtile dots and fragile lines she puts on paper the essence of a tree in two series of water color drawings over 40 pages. In an edition of… [ Continue reading ]

Rosanna Webster

Just graduated form Brighton University, the London born and Brighton based Rosanna Webster shared with us her lovely collages, photographs and illustrations. The colorful, rough and grainy and sometimes twisted works, with multiple layers and film projections all looks very promising for a 23 year old!… [ Continue reading ]

Forget me Not

We very much like these hand finished silk and modal & cashmere large printed scarves designed by the French illustrator Coco for the Forget me Not autumn/winter collection. Truly amazing illustrations! The collection is available online and in stores including Barney’s, Harrods, Colette, tomorrowland, estnation,… [ Continue reading ]

Grace Perry in Scion Magazine

Last week I was invited to LA to drive the new Scion iQ, a compact and super innovative car that will fit in an average pickup trunk. The car, also known as the Toyota iQ in Europe and Asia, will be released with a huge creative campaign, covering the music-, art-, photography- and fashion-scene with exhibitions, concerts, festivals and the launch of a magazine.
Since we’re not the car blog where we will feature all the tech specs but only want to share everything esthetic in lifestyles across the globe, we decided to do a pre-publication of the magazine which will be released September the 17th in the US. A piece of sic-fi where dogs get jetpacks and books have infinite blank pages to fill with lead pencils that would never go dull. Enjoy a story where metal meets sci-fi and fantasy. [ Continue reading ]

Folk Tales

Spanish illustrator Sergio Membrillas updated his website with some really nice works. Not his latest work, but I completely fell in love with the Folk Tale postcard book about animals and singers. Anyone has a story ready to get illustrated? Because I can’t wait for his… [ Continue reading ]

Lenneke van der Groot

Lenneke van der Groot made these beautiful works for the temporary exhibition ‘Ondertekend’ in the Amstelpark in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The exhibition with works by 7 illustrators/artist opened last Sunday and will stay until the 20th of may (open from thursday till sunday form 12h till… [ Continue reading ]

Ricardo Cavolo

Love these colorful works by Madrid based illustrator Ricardo Cavolo. It is ‘the terror of empty paper’ as he describes it while working on his fantastic circus illustrations for Cirque du Soleil that makes it so Spanish, so sanguineous, so beautiful. Take a look at his… [ Continue reading ]

Ted Parker

I found out about Ted Parker at The Village Coffee & Music where he’s exhibiting his latest works. I simply love his absurd view on things, the strange figures with smiles like Aphex Twin, the bright color paintings vs. simple black and white illustrations. Take a look… [ Continue reading ]

Sylvia Stolan

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Just received a small book with these beautiful pencil drawings made by Sylvia Stolan, a Norwegian illustrator now living and working in the Netherlands. Simply love it! Be sure you’ll check her website with with a huge diversity in styles in illustrative and collage work. [ Continue reading ]