Lapka Diary

The collaboration between the always inspiring Lapka, Jonathan Zawada and Jordana for the Lapka Diary is a lovely one. The project consists of 30 illustrations by renowned graphic designer Zawada and 30 diary notes on a broad field of spaces and objects in which a teenaged girl named Jordana has used her Lapka. The notes by Jordana are sincere and witty and show the broad versatility of the Lapka, combined with the playful black and white designs of Zawada making the project a fascinating hybrid of creativity inspired by Lapka. 

Born in Australia in 1981, Jonathan Zawada is celebrated in the art and graphic world for using several mediums to express his incredible aesthetic eye. Everything the Australian does is perfectly thought out, organised and produced, premium qualities to succeed in our modern time. As an art director, illustrator, typographer, graphic designer Zawada has worked for big brands such as UniQlo and Coca-Cola. But, instead of focussing on the money-fused side of the industry, he decided to focus on his own path with maximum creative space to operate in, resulting in interesting projects like Lapka Diary.

Jordana speaks her mind freely in the notes accompanying the monochrome illustrations. She comments and describes her unrestricted use of the Lapka. This means situations like taking the elevator through a building, sleeping, checking the Apple store for it’s radiation and on the other hand the results given by the Lapka while testing the ingredients when she cooks. A particularly funny entry comes from a family pick nick:

3:40 PM. I have absolutely nothing to say to my family members at this picnic, so I’m just going to probe the nearest watermelon with my Lapka Organic and hope someone asks me what I’m doing.

We love this collaboration between LapkaJonathan Zawada and Jordana and want everyone to use the Lapka like Jordana does! See the full diary here.

For more information on Lapka see here.