Midori x Takeo

We love this extraordinary collaboration between two of our favorite Japanse companies Midori and Takeo Paper, in which they experiment with the product of paper in a beautifully manner, both print-wise and in the use of unique sorts of paper. Under the name ‘Card Labo’ the two Japanese companies have pledged to work together and create beautiful new products combining their individual specialties. The first set of products is a wonderful start. Designed in an ‘Encyclopedia’ format in which various printing processes were put to use, four series of four greeting cards with each a different theme were developed, truly engaging the senses.

The series are aptly named: ‘Birds’, ‘Living Things of the Sea’, ‘Herbs’ and ‘European patterns’, each printed on various textured quality papers. The tactility of the greeting cards is amazing and although the cards form a clear aesthetically whole the different series have their individual quality each. All greeting cards feature an illustration of the subject with a explanatory field underneath it. These illustrations seem directly inspired by encyclopedia-illustrations from the ’60s and ’70s with some of the selected subjects well-known and some found in the more obscure pages.

We particularly like the wonderful ‘Living Things of the Sea’ category which features the iconic clownfish, moon jelly and red swamp crawfish and the obscure, almost mythical looking, axolotl. The ‘European patterns’ selection is another wonderful find, featuring the patterns: grape, arabesque, rosette and the famous herringbone. All greeting cards come in a little envelope with the cover of a book including little details referring to the series of the card printed on them, completing this extraordinary set.

It is always highly inspiring to see two great parties work together and create sheer beauty!

Photography by Benjamin van Witsen.

For more information see here, the cards are available at selected retailers like Miscellaneous Store in Amsterdam at De Clercqstraat 130.