The Hillary Tenzing Explorer

Started with the Single Red Deepsea project by Swiss adventurer Bertrand Piccard, son of legendary Jacques Piccard who dove 10 kms into the Pacific ocean, Philipp Stahl from Maastricht now moved to the highest point on earth, the Mount Everest.
In a tribute to Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay and their achievement and legacy on the Everest, they’re bringing three customized Rolex watches in the Hillary Tenzing Explorer package. You will get four drawers filled with watches, a toolkit, Shell Cordovan leather straps and other articles specially designed and selected for the Hillary Tenzing Explorer package, numbered and signed by Peter Hillary and Jamling Tenzing Norgay, the son’s of the legends.
This May the family and friends of the adventurers will come together for the official presentation in Geneva, Switzerland. Amongst them Peter Hillary, Jamling Tenzing Norgay, Jan Morris (former Times correspondent in 1953 on Everest), Bertrand Piccard, Don Walsh (the pilot that dove with Jacques Piccard to the deepest point in 1960) and other famous adventurers will be present.
On Monday 16 May, Christie’s will auction number 88 of the Hillary Tenzing Explorer series and the revenues will go to the foundations of the Hillary and Tenzing families.

From the bottom of the sea, to the top of the world, and everything in between – simply amazing!
(Images from HTE and 100 Percent Rolex)