Inspirations — Michael Rolling

Being a big fan of Saint Crispin’s it is a pleasure to start this returning interview series for Anothersomething with Michael Rolling, the shoe designer behind this exclusive brand. We wrote about them before and are excited to see he just launched a new brand called Zonkey Boot (later more on that). Enjoy a glimpse in his world, his inspiration and future plans.

Please introduce yourself.
Michael Rolling, 54 years old. Shoe designer for 27 years. Designer and founder of Saint Crispin’s and of Zonkey Boot.

Who is the most inspiring person in history and why?
Josef II of Habsburg. Under his reign, the Austrian empire included Venice and the Adriatic coast and was a truly multinational state where you could travel from Venice to Ukraine without using a passport. Hundreds of languages were spoken and hundreds of ethnic groups were peacefully living together until nationalism was born.

Who is the most inspiring person in your life and why?
Alexandra, my fiancée. Because I am in an ongoing process of creative work with her, for our new project, Zonkey Boot.

Who is the most inspiring photographer?
In fashion photography, I find Peter Lindbergh to be the best. Lately I am very interested in Alexandra’s photography in her new environment.

And the picture that will always stay in your mind?
Pictures come and go. Lately I am attracted to private pictures which capture private moments.

Who is the most inspiring artist?
Velasquez and Bernini.

And what is the most inspiring music?
The sound of shower in the morning. It makes me want to do things.

The thing you never go without?
My pocket knife and a miniature silver shoe which one of my fans from Japan, Uryu-san, made for me. And my lucky ring.

Your favorite city?

Your favorite hideout?
My bike, wherever it takes me.

The website you often check?

Lately, it’s Austrian Airlines and

The books on your coffee table?

My notebook.

The books on your bedside table?
Several titles by Elmore Leonard.

What is your dream?
Having Zonkey Boot in 100 of the best shops in the world. Then I would like to have Einstein’s wooden house in several places in the world. One time in Japan, near Nasu, one time in Bregenzer Wald in Austria, one time in Veneto in Italy, one in New Mexico, near Tao, and one on Long Island, New York. I also dream of having a buttler and a chauffeur.

What would you do if you could start all over again?
I have already started everything all over again, one year ago, when Alexandra moved to Vienna with me and we started Zonkey Boot together.

Thank You!

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