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With 22 degrees it almost feels like summer in the Netherlands this weekend. And with Final Approach by Buck 65, featuring Marie-Pierre Arthur summer officially started! It brings in mind a party in Lisbon back in 2009 where Sander Kleinenberg did the last set. 5… [ Continue reading ]

Lotus Flower

Today is the day of the new Radiohead album ‘The King of Limbs‘. They’ve just released this video for ‘Lotus Flower’. Can’t wait to hear the rest! (Video produced and directed by Garth Jennings, choreographed by Wayne McGregor with director of photography Nick Wood and editor Leila Sarraf)… [ Continue reading ]


In many cases the real beauty of a piece of music only reveals itself after playing it a few times, like Joanna Newsom’s music I wrote about previously. But sometimes there is no need for such an incubation process. The first time I heard Glasser’s debut album Ring, its sincere and to-the-point sound immediately appealed to me. [ Continue reading ]

The Astor Bell Remixes

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Astor Bell, the netlabel that freely releases exclusive and original electronic music, celebrates their anniversary with the 14th album called Anniversary 1: the Astor Bell Remixes. ‘The broken beats, the down-sampled waves, the backwards bass and the organic subway samples accumulate like a snowball rolling down a… [ Continue reading ]

Joanna Newsom

After the first time I heard the music of Joanna Newsom I could not have predicted I was going to write an article about her a few years later. To be honest, I did not think I would listen to her music again. It just seemed a bit too awkward at that moment. So what was it that made push the play-button again? Whatever it was, I gave her music a second chance, and a third and a fourth… It was her second studio album Ys I was listening to, after a lengthy article in Wire magazine draw my attention to her. [ Continue reading ]


I wrote about Koen Tossijn before because I was impressed and inspired by his denim label Moos Tailored Basics. When you can’t pay his lovely raw denim, or have something better than money, you can make a trade with him. The Dutch DJ Aardvarck… [ Continue reading ]


Early this year Midlake’s new album The Courage of Others was released. The first time I listened to it I heard a somewhat simpeler and darker sound than on its predecessor The Trials of Van Occupanter. But, as always, the album grows on you after a few listens, and although it became clear that in this album I would not find as much complexity in the structure of the songs, complexity can still be found in the density of the layers of sound, carefully shifting over each other, building up to a climax or peeling off like on onion, slowly exposing its core. [ Continue reading ]


I remember the excitement of going to the record store as a young boy to buy the newest album of one of my favorite bands (most probably a piece of remarkably heavy rock music, knowing my taste at that time), and the feeling of disenchantment when I came home and discovered how my favorite group decided to try something new, to go a different direction, to make music in another style than the one I loved them for. At that time I did not understand the necessity of artistic evolution. There was no need for that much change in my world.

Fifteen years later I listen to the three studio albums Efterklang released, and I am surprised about how they changed over the course of six years, yet still they communicate the same musical idea and most of all, I hear the same passion and integrity in Magic Chairs, their newest work, as I heard in their debut album Tripper. [ Continue reading ]

the xx

Lately I’ve been enjoying the whispery tunes from The xx and their debut album xx. I very much like this trio from London with influences of 80’s guitar tunes and American R&B, accompanied with the soft vocal duets and downtempo melancholic melodies. Check their Myspace page… [ Continue reading ]

Mike Sheridan

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Danish producer and performer Mike Sheridan (Irish dad, Danish mom) could have been the adopted son of scandinavian co-producers Anders Ilar and Anders Trentemøller. Although he was only 16 in 2008 he blessed us with an amazingly strong album called I Syv Sind (In Two Minds). The dramatic… [ Continue reading ]

These Are My Twisted Words

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Another new song by Radiohead – for free: These are my twisted words. love it!… [ Continue reading ]

Found Songs

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Something opposite to Moderat, and I would rather listen it during autumn days, but I have to share this, cause I love it anyway! Found Songs by Icelandic neo-classical composer Ólafur Arnalds. A collection of tracks entitled ‘Found Songs’, each track created and released within 24 hours… [ Continue reading ]


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Driving with windows open, following the Mediterranean coastline of France at the end of the day with the smell of lavender and bougainvillea, enjoying the colours of the sundown in the reflection of the waves… That’s what comes in mind when listening to Moderat, the collaboration between Modeselektor… [ Continue reading ]


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Two new albums you need to listen: Josh Spear shared the new album release of Balmorhea: All is Wild, All is Silent. A beautiful fragile sound of cello, violin, guitar, and piano which reminds me of the moments driving arround in the desert listening to… [ Continue reading ]