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Close Up And Private x Mismo

After introducing the CUAP shirt in December of 2014, this month our good friend Sergei Sviatchenko has introduced a new addition to the collection of his Private Classicist label, slowly evolving into a complete range of products created from the roots of his signature Close Up And Private art/style platform. Sergei found another perfect like-minded partner - sharing a sincere passion for modern classics and clean aesthetics - in the Danish accessories specialist Mismo. A company which has been a favorite of ours since we first encountered their beautiful products in 2009, and we have been appreciating their output for years, making it a dream collaboration. A very limited capsule collection of 25 pieces of 2 designs, created by Sergei and Mismo out of one of the most iconic styles by Mismo; the M/S Shopper. The Mismo staple piece was adorned with a photography and a collage artwork in signature Close Up And Private style, applied on an incredible Blue/Black and a Grey/Cuoio version, individually embossed with numbers. We can't wait for more incredible Private Classicist pieces. [ Continue reading ]

Back from Berlin

We’re back from two days Berlin – two days at four fairs with too many brands doing all the same. A few brands stayed in mind, a few details caught our eyes. Like the lovely striped espadrilles by Armor Lux, the crazy denim fabrics by… [ Continue reading ]

End Hunting Co.

Last week, after our trip to Nigel Cabourn, we visited this little shop in the center of Newcastle. With a define collection of brands End Hunting Co. stocks the premium menswear brands like Barbour, SNS Herning and RRL, some great footwear like Yuketen, Grenson and Fracap Scarponcini Boots and all the needed accessories like Saint James hats, Mismo bags and Comme Des Garçon wallets. The shop is packed with lovely details, ready for some treasure hunting and definitely worth a visit when around… Enjoy some more pictures after the jump. [ Continue reading ]

Paris II

After setting a world record (visiting stores in one day) on Thursday we went to three fairs yesterday to get more Winter 2010 inspiration. The day started at the Capsule fair where Rene did not get the chance to recover from his hangover caused by to many Grey Goose at Le Baron with Acne's Charlie Hedin and Kanye West. The reason for that were the brothers from Naked and Famous denim, or actually Brandon the older of the two, that started shooting words and sentences at us about his great new products with 500 miles an hour before we had the chance to look at a single one of them. After asking him politely to slow down just a little bit we fell in love with their unusual interpretation of Japanese denim. And to give you a little preview on what will arrive soon, we hereby announce that Tenue de Nimes will soon carry the heaviest denim ever made in the world. [ Continue reading ]


We’re heading to Paris and (capsule) tomorrow to meet up with Mismo, Soulland, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Camo and all the others. Stay tuned for an in-depth review on todays most interesting and inspiring brands this weekend and… [ Continue reading ]

Bright Bags

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For Bright magazine we did a review on bags, focused on the corporate laptop carriers, but than the nice one, the one we want to be seen with… It became a very nice collection of bags, varying from the absolute classic Filson, to the contemporary Mismo bags. Get… [ Continue reading ]

Masculine elegance

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We are the market shared this fantastic new Danish brand Mismo which will make their debut later this month at (capsule) Paris. ‘Sturdy materials – masculine elegance’. Can’t wait to see it…… [ Continue reading ]