Close Up And Private x Mismo

After introducing the CUAP shirt in December of 2014, this month our good friend Sergei Sviatchenko has introduced a new addition to the collection of his Private Classicist label, slowly evolving into a complete range of products created from the roots of his signature Close Up And Private art/style platform. Sergei found another perfect like-minded partner – sharing a sincere passion for modern classics and clean aesthetics – in the Danish accessories specialist Mismo. A company which has been a favorite of ours since we first encountered their beautiful products in 2009, and we have been appreciating their output for years, making it a dream collaboration. A very limited capsule collection of 25 pieces of 2 designs, created by Sergei and Mismo out of one of the most iconic styles by Mismo; the M/S Shopper. The Mismo staple piece was adorned with a photography and a collage artwork in signature Close Up And Private style, applied on an incredible Blue/Black and a Grey/Cuoio version, individually embossed with numbers. We can’t wait for more incredible Private Classicist pieces.

About the collaboration, Sergei Sviatchenko says:

My first encounter with Mismo was in the fall of 2008 and it sparked a powerful momentum. I observed the bags’ effortless simplicity, always constructed with severe quality. I liked their appearance then and I like it now. To me, Mismo simply fuses functionalism and quality. Furthermore, by adding their knowledge of durability to very traditional fabrics, Miso  bags also have a ‘collectable’ value.

As an artist, I work a lot with collages. Through these, I see the world as a kaleidoscope of ‘cut offs’. The images chosen for our collaboration reflect the utility found in the simplest solutions and wholly support the understated individuality of Mismo accessories.

In August of 2014, our good friend Sergei Sviatchenko took his Close Up And Private art/style platform, which we’ve appreciated from the very beginning, to a next level by starting Private Classicist. The new lifestyle label which roots deeply in the vision created through Close Up And Private aims to create a solid range of classic menswear items that verges on pushing the boundaries of current minimalist fashion towards the classic style championed by Sergei himself and his work by collaborating with an international rage of heritage brands and skilled craftsmen. More to come in the future!

For more information and to order the incredible bags see here.