Paris II

After setting a world record (visiting stores in one day) on Thursday we went to three fairs yesterday to get more Winter 2010 inspiration. The day started at the Capsule fair where Rene did not get the chance to recover from his hangover caused by to many Grey Goose at Le Baron with Acne’s Charlie Hedin and Kanye West. The reason for that were the brothers from Naked and Famous denim, or actually Brandon the older of the two, that started shooting words and sentences at us about his great new products with 500 miles an hour before we had the chance to look at a single one of them. After asking him politely to slow down just a little bit we fell in love with their unusual interpretation of Japanese denim. And to give you a little preview on what will arrive soon, we hereby announce that Tenue de Nimes will soon carry the heaviest denim ever made in the world.

In the same area as the Canadian brothers was Adam Alexander Bach, founder at Mismo, a Danish accessories brand that creates astonishing bags made with simplicity and quality as most important focus points. Just before we went out for a meeting with Edwin, we ran into the specialism of Rocky Mountain Featherbed. They make most incredible outerwear pieces like the body warmer shown above. Amongst two other we managed to get our hands on 6 leather/denim pieces that will hit the TdN store next fall.

Paris was two days full of great meetings, brands, shops and people that provided a lot of inspiration for the store, the Journal de Nimes and our weblogs. We will share all our other Paris highlights soon.