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Libertine-Libertine Autumn/Winter 2014

We haven't been writing about our friends from Copenhagen for a little while, but we absolutely love the new imagery for Libertine-Libertine's Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, which is again of the highest standard. With this lookbook the Danish label of Rasmus Bak, Pernille Schwarz and Peter Munch Ovesen returns aesthetically to its punk roots, very much in line with the great monochromatic imagery for last in-season 'Black Moon' collection. As always the collection combines a street-ready sensibility and dapper cut and sew designs; consisting of returning items like bomber jackets, parkas, button-up shirts in different prints and colors, with the 'Trasher,' 'Gung-ho' and 'Mosh' patterns as signatures for this season's collection. The images were shot by regular collaborator, photographer Sacha Maric and art directed by the Copenhagen-based studio Ironflag. [ Continue reading ]

Libertine Gallery

Today is the launch of the latest Amsterdam-based project of Dutch entrepreneur Casper Reinders named Libertine Gallery. The store and gallery is promising to be a large cabinet of curiosities, filled with neon art, Art Deco, stuffed birds and a robot. Libertine Gallery, which will open its doors at the Prinsengracht 715 for the public officially tomorrow, is the result of a collaboration between the passionate art dealer Fredien Morel from Antwerp (sometimes referred to as master of curiousa), interior fanatic Danielle Pakes, Mark Chalmers and Casper Reinders. The new interior design shop and art gallery stood on the wish list of Reinders for quite a while and with this set of collaborators it finally materialised. [ Continue reading ]


Again, as always, season after season, year after year, some fantastic imagery for the Spring/Summer collection of Libertine-Libertine. We saw the collection at Pitti and Capsule last weeks, but with this ton-sur-ton twist in the photography it gets even better! Photography by Sacha Maric, concept by… [ Continue reading ]


Our friends at Libertine-Libertine just released their autumn and winter collection. Inspired by the laid back city life the collection comes in some heavy fabrics, padded outerwear, wool knits with cross stichings and some great details and embroidery. I love those crossed arrows!… [ Continue reading ]


One of my favorite scandinavian brands just released its Spring-Summer 2011 lookbook. Inspired by California's 70's, mixed with a post-Vietnam war influence, Hunter S Thompson and Kerouac Libertine-Libertine made, again, a beautiful collection. [ Continue reading ]


After receiving the new imagery of the Autumn/Winter collection by Libertine-Libertine, a beautiful collaboration between Libertine-Libertine, Sacha Maric and Tom Gottelier, we asked Rasmus Bak to tell a little more.

A short introduction: "Libertine-Libertine was established in 2009, during the long nights of the Danish spring, and is based on a different set of values and  approach to the fashion scene. We wanted to build up a prolific, dynamic & creative platform that could feature a lot different projects ranging from fashion to music & art.  It has been quite a ride since the launch in Paris last summer and we are currently represented in selected stores scattered over 12 countries now." [ Continue reading ]

Libertine Libertine

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A beautiful newcomer this summer is Libertine Libertine, the Danish label by Rasmus Bak, Pernille Schwarz and Peter Munch Ovesen. ‘Motivated to create a brand based on a different set of values and set new standards for the fashion industry, Libertine-Libertine strives to stimulate the creative soul and… [ Continue reading ]

Journal de Nîmes Nº 12

Last week marked the proud release of  Tenue de Nîmes' 12th printed Journal de Nîmes, with the new issue centered around the theme ’New Vintage’. In the 92 pages we share the brands or products which we feel our kids will be collecting as the ’New Vintage' one day. Starting with fashion visionary Ralph Lauren who founded his beloved ‘Double RL’ brand 1993, after being the first rebel to sell vintage next to his ‘new’ clothing in New York City making him something of an icon for this particular issue. We take you to Mr. Lauren’s most personal archive, which he continues to use to spread his deep love for the rugged spirit of the American West in his full diversity. Furthermore Journal Nº 12 highlights some of the most inspiring brands that successfully used their inspiration of the past into a contemporary collection, which inspire us in everything we do ourselves. [ Continue reading ]

Another Summer Playlist

It's been a little while since our friend Michael A. Muller shared his favorite tracks for our Spring Playlist and with summer slowly turning it's back towards the Netherlands it's time for a new playlist. The Another Summer Playlist resulted in a pretty eclectic mix with a lot of great releases in folk, indie and rock but also in garage, house and techno. We're very happy to include a beautiful song by our friend, and co-founder of Libertine-Libertine, Rasmus who together with Bjarke Niemann forms Death Has No Dominion. Rustie's remix of Machinedrum's Back Seat Ho is the craziest track in the list with a for us unusual trap sound, but it just undeniably sticks in your head. We love new releases by Moodprint & YellowStraps, ODESZA featuring Madelyn Grant, Balmorhea, Damon Albarn and Alt-J, with its mind-blowing video. Other, from the electronic realm, tracks that follow are the Shaken-Up version of Silent Shout by the recently broken up The Knife, the great Son Lux track named Easy featuring Lorde, tracks by David August, Chrome Sparks, Martyn and Four Tet and the super promising track named Girl of the upcoming Jamie XX album. We conclude this summer mix with another slow-burner by Francis Harris of his new album Minutes to Sleep named Me To Drift. Enjoy: here's to some more sunshine! [ Continue reading ]


It is a really good year for one of Amsterdam's more visible entrepreneurs: Casper Reinders. After opening a beautiful new gallery earlier this year, this month he opened yet another restaurant, his tenth, named Nacional. The bistro style restaurant, which is a collaborative effort of Reinders and partners Dobson and Uzcudun, aims to give new élan to one of the more sleazy squares of Amsterdam's city center, the Leidseplein, offering French cuisine with a modern New York-twist. Nacional's spacious interior, somewhat in line with the new Libertine Gallery, shows an eclectic mix of vintage, art and design, among which is a tremendous huge specimen of Piet Parra's beautiful Cold figure, which was released by CASE STUDYO  in miniature size last month. The restaurant can handle as many as 140 guests with its surface of 460 m², making Nacional a little piece of New York right in the middle of Amsterdam. [ Continue reading ]

Boulevard Leopold

Since we discovered it, whenever we visit Antwerp the only address we want to stay is the extraordinary Boulevard Leopold. Owned by the warm hosts Bert Verschueren and Vincent Defontainers, Boulevard Leopold is located in a 19th Century house in the Belgian city, between the Albert Park and the City Park which is right in the Jewish Quarter. The two owners say their aim in the interiors was to create a sense of "forgotten glory", which in our eyes is the exact sentiment Boulevard Leopold evokes. Entering Boulevard Leopold is like entering the house of a libertine nobleman from the 19th Century living in contemporary times, cherishing all his old belongings hinting and long-gone times, completed with modern elements where needed. With three regular rooms for rent and two larger apartments available on longer terms, the bed and breakfast, built in 1890, is a beautiful hybrid of antique and contemporary design. [ Continue reading ]

Good Mother and Father

We just received the new book by Sacha Maric called ‘Good Mother and Father’. We saw the work of Sacha before at Libertine-Libertine and Won Hundred, but this is different. The personal photography project resulting in an independently published book showcases… [ Continue reading ]

City lights & wild shores

Our good friends from Copenhagen Libertine-Libertine mailed us this lovely series of pictures shot by Sacha Maric under art direction of Marco Pedrollo for their autumn winter collection for 2011. ‘Strongly inspired by city lights, wild shores and the Danish maritime history Libertine-Libertine’s AW11 collection… [ Continue reading ]


Being super busy putting the final hand on getting the Spring-Summer collection online at Tenue de Nîmes (which will be available later this week) here’s a little preview to get you in the right mood. Stay tuned for some crazy stuff from Nigel Cabourn,… [ Continue reading ]

U.S. Import

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Last month, the team behind one of my favorite Danish menswear labels Soulland opened a new store in Copenhagen, Denmark. U.S. Import carries men’s – and women’s wear and a wide range of brands such as Soulland, Stine Goya, Ann Sofie Back, Libertine-Libertine and… [ Continue reading ]

Best of Both

Our favorite Danish fashion brand Libertine-Libertine and our own Dutch denim store Tenue de Nîmes have joined hands. Taking the best of both worlds (fashion and denim) naturally meant co-creating a limited edition denim shirt based on the Libertine-Libertine design Hobo, which refers to a homeless traveler. Inspired by the Jack Kerouac masterpiece 'On the Road' the denim shirt symbolizes mobility and the warmth that new and unexpected experiences provide. The shirt contains numerous hidden treasures like the check-lined collar and cuffs and the subtle white Tenue de Nîmes cross embroidery on the right front of each garment. The Hobo shirt is exclusively available at Tenue de Nîmes.

More pictures after the click > [ Continue reading ]

A Blend of Treasures

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New treasures in the new Blend nr 45 featuring Marijn Akkermans, the Gentleman’s Cap by Rapha, our favorite new danish label Libertine-Libertine and the Le Labo candle Petit Grain 21. Enjoy Blend (dutch) here > and… [ Continue reading ]


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Last week Menno and I went to Berlin, to the Bread & Butter and Premium. After one day BB we can say it is all quite the same. Sure, every brand got its own details, but 95% of the show is about the great… [ Continue reading ]

Rendez Vous Homme

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Starting tomorrow, ending the 28th of june, Rendez Vous Homme will take place at the Espace Commines in the Marais district of Paris. I’m going to do my very best to visit since there are a dozen of my favourite brands. Like S.N.S., Surface to Air, Jeroen van… [ Continue reading ]