Journal de Nîmes Nº 12

Last week marked the proud release of  Tenue de Nîmes‘ 12th printed Journal de Nîmes, with the new issue centered around the theme ’New Vintage’. In the 92 pages we share the brands or products which we feel our kids will be collecting as the ’New Vintage’ one day. Starting with fashion visionary Ralph Lauren who founded his beloved ‘Double RL’ brand 1993, after being the first rebel to sell vintage next to his ‘new’ clothing in New York City making him something of an icon for this particular issue. We take you to Mr. Lauren’s most personal archive, which he continues to use to spread his deep love for the rugged spirit of the American West in his full diversity. Furthermore Journal Nº 12 highlights some of the most inspiring brands that successfully used their inspiration of the past into a contemporary collection, which inspire us in everything we do ourselves.

One of our personal favorites is the story inspired by last Summer’s unique insiders look into the American headquarters of Levi’s Vintage Clothing in San Francisco as well as the inspiring ‘Eureka Innovation Lab’ in which Levi’s tests its latest denim designs in terms of make, wash and fabric technology.

We also came across new concepts which apply old rules to the new world. Take for instance Orslow designer Ichiro who started collecting Levi’s 501’s at a very young age and soon realized that no one ever made a jean better than that. This simple determination gave him his mission in life: to make a jean that would complement the legacy of a vintage Levi’s ‘Big E’ 501.

Moving into the future; our favorites from the Acne Studios Spring/Summer 2016 collection are included, to learn all about their expressive pieces of individuality that we believe will be staple items in our closets in 2026. And then there is the man who just celebrated his ten year anniversary in fashion at the tender age of 31: Alexander Wang. We introduce you to his special denim line in which he searches to marry the present and the past, to bring you the future.

The ‘New Vintage’ issue also brings back the ’10 Questions’ section, for which we visited Copenhagen to see our friends at Libertine Libertine. We are also thrilled to welcome food-fetishist Joy Yoon (currently based in The Big Apple) to the editorial team, debuting with an essay on ’New Vintage’ food. The 12th printed issue of Journal de Nîmes captures interviews with two fashion retail visionaries and modern icons: Alberto Aspesi and Antwerp’s very own Geert Bruloot. Lastly, the magazine celebrates the indigo roots from which Tenue de Nîmes grew some 6 years ago: the impressive 100 year anniversary of the ‘Golden Handshake’ between Levi Strauss & Co and CONE Denim.

The Journal de Nîmes ’New Vintage’ issue is exclusively available at the Tenue de Nîmes stores in Amsterdam.
It is available online for everyone here.