Kosenda Hotel Jakarta

Traveling has been an integral part of Ruben Kosenda’s life since he was a young boy. All this time on the road and in the air has now been translated into the design of a new hotel in the place Kosenda calls home: Indonesia. Named after its founder, the Kosenda Hotel in Jakarta is the work of local talents, artists, designers, and architects. Located on Wahid Hasyim road, this 8-floor hotel is an ode to the angular geometries of Betawi architecture, while simultaneously paying tribute to the surrounding environment.

Kosenda on his brainchild:

For many years I dreamt of opening a design hotel in the heart of Jakarta, a hotel filled with character and individuality, with sensible spaces and innovative cuisine, I wanted to create an experience that was understated and relaxed with a modern edge.

Internationally recognized architects TonTon Studio were tasked with the design of Kosenda Hotel. The team crafted an eight-story building that rises out of the ground in a series of striking shards with diamond features. These unique features are as mentioned inspired by Jakarta’s ethnic Betawi tribe traditional houses, and carefully reinterpreted into a modern and urban design.

Inside the hotel Santi Alaysius and Hamphrey Tedja, of design firm Domisilium Studio, have created an interior with a bespoke and tranquil approach, and a nod to urban life. Delivering a sense of comfort and style, the lounge area sits original furniture from designers like Svend Skipper, Poul Henningsen and Hans Wagner. “The interior is a marriage of the hotel’s architecture and Mr. Ruben’s character, very warm and hospitable with a love of the old and new,” says Alaysius. “Guests can enjoy originally designed pieces and collectibles from Javanese to Scandinavian.”

The Kosenda Hotel is located at Jl. KH Wahid Hasyim No. 127 in Jakarta, Indonesia. For more information visit here.