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The Quiet Farm

There’s a new shop in (online)town called The Quiet Farm. An online boutique with a great curation of classic and honest products, all dedicated to enjoy life, ‘the time with family, friends and that big muddy place, the outside.’ Things like a Countrymen’s Whistle, the book ‘Our Garden Birds’… [ Continue reading ]


Sometimes you stumble upon something extraordinary, new, fresh and completely beyond anything expected. Coloni is one of these things. Coloni is a swedish based gardening house founded in 2010. In collaboration with a horticulturist, Coloni has developed an approach to a new kind of indoor gardening based on seed mixtures composed from a conceptual point of view. The mixtures consist of seeds from desert and arid Mediterranean climates and include both annual and perennial species. [ Continue reading ]

The Plant Journal

A new bi-annual publication from Spain. The Plant Journal offers a new look on greenery by featuring the works of creative people who love plants along with botanical contents in a simple and personal way. It reminds me on Apartemento, friends from the publishers and based in Barcelona too. [ Continue reading ]

String Gardens

Love these String Gardens by Dutchmen Fedor van der Falk. He started 3 years ago with a three dimensional crochet filled with plaster, soil, moss and grass to continue with small plants resulting in a combination of kokedama and a Japanese botanic style like the real Hanging… [ Continue reading ]

The Nano Hummingbird

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I remember the first time seeing a hummingbird, impressed by the beauty and perfection of this little creature. AeroVironment developed this Nano Hummingbird (The Nano Air Vehicle -NAV-, a new class of air vehicle systems capable of indoor and outdoor operation). With a total of 18… [ Continue reading ]


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It’s the time of the year that the cherry blossoms are blooming. Hanami, or Flower Viewing, is not a common tradition in western cultures but I think I’m going to start it! Today I was so inspired by the blossoms the ‘luminous and beautiful yet fleeting… [ Continue reading ]