Sometimes you stumble upon something extraordinary, new, fresh and completely beyond anything expected. Coloni is one of these things. Coloni is a swedish based gardening house founded in 2010. In collaboration with a horticulturist, Coloni has developed an approach to a new kind of indoor gardening based on seed mixtures composed from a conceptual point of view. The mixtures consist of seeds from desert and arid Mediterranean climates and include both annual and perennial species.

For the first collection they made 4 boxes with all its very own and distinguished selection of plants, called Premiere, New Wave, Awakening and Green. The seeds are beautifully packed and come with a small booklet with lovely illustrations and an almost poetic manual on how to take care and let them flourish and flower. Every box is described by its species, but also by the mood which makes it almost a fragrance like approach.

Our favorite is definitely Awakening, with its roots in the barren lowlands and mountain areas in South Africa and South America, and the moods of ‘a blank page, pastels, transparent, silvery and hairy, the quiet, slow and sky type.’

Coloni is available at Colette & French Trotters in Paris , 100 gr Design in Antwerp, Openhouse in Barcelona, Hunting & Gathering in Brussels, Kask & Nag Store in Copenhamn, Krypton Form  in Gothenburg and will be available at Tenue de Nîmes in Amsterdam from of next week.