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RWSA x Barrett Alley

Some lovely news from our Red Wing Shoes store in Amsterdam: They teamed up with Barrett Alley from Texas, USA and co-created a limited series of bracelets made from vintage Japanese hemp cloth. The original piece of fabric dates back to the early 1900s and… [ Continue reading ]


As one of the curators behind the Dutch Curated, I’m always inspired to see similar services across the globe. But this is a special one. Svbscription is a new luxury subscription service based in New York that curates parcels of unique products for men. Customers from all over the… [ Continue reading ]

Klara Petersén

Recently the newly graduated designer Klara Petersén was brought to our attention. This Swedish designer has, for her Masters, been studying the versatility of uncoated vegetable natural leather which she exclusively gets at the tannery Tärnsjö Garveri in Tärnsjö, Sweden. Using vegetable leather gives her the possibility to harden the leather after it's been soaked in water. In a process in which the designer vacuums the wet leather onto an object and heating it afterwards, Petersén is able to catch any shape wrapped in the leather. [ Continue reading ]


The first Curated gift I made was send out this week. A first gift, dedicated to my love to travel. The love for the unknown, of putting everything together you can't mis and hit the road. Whether it's from Utrecht to Amsterdam or Amsterdam to London, Los Angeles or Lisbon.
The only thing with traveling is that it doesn't go really well with my need for structure. In a bag, or a suitcase, things move around, because you have to open up your luggage at the customs, or need that one particular item at the bottom of your suitcase and everything will move upside-down. I needed something to solve this problem. Something special. [ Continue reading ]

Won Hundred bike

A very stylish collaboration between two highly aesthetic Danish companies, Won Hundred and Cykelfabrikken. They’ve created a limited edition collection of three handcrafted leather bags that go with a customized bike. The scandinavian simplicity and classic cool meet some real functionality in the briefcase, the… [ Continue reading ]

Anve Envelopes

Two years ago, footwear and accessories designer Nuno Matos contacted us about his lovely project Pele, an aesthetic search for the perfect shoe. Last week he wrote us regarding a new project. Together with Kerstin Greve, founder of the Lisbon based leather and accessories brand ANVE,… [ Continue reading ]

Travelteq x Monocle

This week Travelteq released a beautiful canvas Voyager bag. But there was another release they where involved in. My favorite travel companion collaborated with my favorite magazine. Travelteq and Monocle released the Travelteq x Monocle Travel Towel. The light irish linen is more absorbent than… [ Continue reading ]

Tourniquet case

I like simple things, and I love it when people can bring something simple back to its core essence. What more do you need than just a really nice basic sleeve, a Horween leather ‘envelope’? The Tourniquet iPad Sleeve by Autum is just that. It will snugly cradle… [ Continue reading ]


Imagine receiving a gift, a very unique item with a personal note specially selected for you, every quarter. Curated, an initiative from Arjan van de Steeg and Rocco Stallvord, offers a service where you can subscribe to a so-called curator who will select one product every quarter and… [ Continue reading ]

Hard Graft’s iPad Case

Being a fan of the lovely woolen felt accessories of Hard Graft for a long time now I’m always happy to see new products coming from their workshop. Last week they’ve released this 2Point Turn iPad Case in a blend of 100% wool felt, manufactured in… [ Continue reading ]


With inspiration coming from Jazz music, photography, art, fashion, travel and poetry, Mc5 released a new collection in a homage to Gary Cooper and Marlène Dietrich, called ‘Collection mon Legionnaire’. The Hong Kong based brand with its origins in France creates some really nice bags to travel in… [ Continue reading ]


We love denim, and we love gadgets… And we like it a lot when those two join forces. Ikku is doing that. Ikku is a new Dutch company creating accessories for your laptop and i-devices, all made out of recycled and organic denim. Ikku… [ Continue reading ]


Minimalux, a London based design brand, got some lovely items in their collection. Modern collections of desk objects, table objects and accessories all with great simplicity and splendor, made out of premium materials and lustrous finishing. Our favorite is definitely this ballpoint pen made from a… [ Continue reading ]


Since years already, we’ve been a huge fan of the Japanese-American brand Postalco. Kaufman Mercantille is now selling a very selective amount of products by Postalco and we can only hope they will continue, and many others will follow. This handsome, functional… [ Continue reading ]

Travel Towels

Travelteq released three new products today. A lovely Florentine Vachetta leather pencil holder to store 19 Bruynzeel Sakura color pencils, and these two Travel Towels. The beach towels are made from lrish linen and comes in two colors, navy blue and light… [ Continue reading ]

Dasha for Illesteva

Illesteva teamed up with Dasha Zhukova on two models of tortoise-shell sunglasses, both hand-made in Italy. Only 100 pairs are made of each model and a part of the sales will be donated to Restoring Vision, which provides glasses to people in need all over the… [ Continue reading ]


Sweden based branding & communication company Blixt & Dunder  launched their third autonomous project called Kniven. After a limited edition bow-tie and an iPhone app they’ve just released this beautiful hand made pocketknife with a weatherproof rosewood handle, broad, curved blade and decorative brass ornament and… [ Continue reading ]

People for Pelicans

Our friends at Arcademi teamed up with New York based illustrator Katrin Wiens to create AFFAIR No.III with nakedheel. A beautiful limited edition of 35 silk scarfs to commemorate the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. ‘People for Pelicans’ wants to help the struggling water… [ Continue reading ]

The Red Army Satchel

We very much like this beautiful  bright red oilcloth cotton bag, inspired on a WWII army bag, by Nigel Cabourn. The bag is made in Scotland where the fabric was originally developed for the British Fisherman who used this fabric for its water repellency against the… [ Continue reading ]

The Good Flock

Two beautiful bags by The Good Flock: The Weekend Bag and the Tokyo Bag. Both handcrafted in the USA using domestic waxed canvas and hand burnished veg tanned leather. The Tokyo Bag has four internal pockets, four external pockets and one large chamber and can be worn comfortably… [ Continue reading ]


We love leather accessories, especially when they are really well made. The relatively young Danish brand Verivinci is already well known for their lovely small leather goods, lanyards and small purses, and so deserve a place in Another Gift Guide. These Black Grenade Purse and… [ Continue reading ]