Klara Petersén

Recently the newly graduated designer Klara Petersén was brought to our attention. This Swedish designer has, for her Masters, been studying the versatility of uncoated vegetable natural leather which she exclusively gets at the tannery Tärnsjö Garveri in Tärnsjö, Sweden. Using vegetable leather gives her the possibility to harden the leather after it’s been soaked in water. In a process in which the designer vacuums the wet leather onto an object and heating it afterwards, Petersén is able to catch any shape wrapped in the leather.

In her choices for the used shapes the designer focusses mainly on iconic objects like sunglasses, wrenches and photo cameras, but she also uses laser-cut platformed paper landscapes. An impression of the described vacuuming and hardening process can be seen here. After the shapes in the leather are hardened Petersén creates different sized pouches boasting it’s new shape on the front.

Keep an eye on this promising young designer via her website.