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ISAORA Rainwear

New York-based ISAORA recently released their first-ever Rainwear collection and we really love it. The collection is completely waterproof, though not resistant, and features three pieces that clearly represent ISAORA's guiding principles. Made in Portugal, the collection includes an amazing Mac Coat in black and bone color, a black Sportcoat and a Wetworker Tech 3L Field Jacket also in black and bone. By applying precision ultrasonic welding to fabrics from their technical apparel, ISAORA was able to eliminate their reliance on stitching, perforations, and taped seams during production. This technique yielded a rainwear collection that embodies the intersection between all- season wearability, emphatic minimalism, and leading-edge performance. Each piece features 100% 3L technical nylon from Japan, ultrasonic welding construction, ventilated eyelets under the arm and YKK Aquaguard zippers, creating completely waterproof garments that can be worn throughout the year, without compromising on its beautiful design. [ Continue reading ]

Norwegian Rain Piccadilly

We have been following Bergen-based elegant rainwear brand Norwegian Rain from the very inception of the label in 2009. Over the years it has found a close following worldwide, both through their ever-evolving cutting-edge collection of supreme quality outerwear and because of their now famous  founders, designer Michael Tetteh Nartey also known as T-Michael and Alexander Helle, being the perfect ambassadors of what the brand stands for, having become street style blogs favorites since they arrived in the menswear world. Two weeks ago, an incredible new chapter started for Alexander and Michael, when they opened their first stand alone store outside of Norway —where they house in hometown Bergen and Oslo— crossing the water of the Northsea landing at an iconic London location, taking a big step forward in their endeavors. Opened on the 11th of June, the 1450 ft2 space houses the entire collection of Norwegian Rain’s iconic rainwear for both men and women including their signature pieces like the Raincho, the incredible Moscow coat and the Warrior. The store will also stock suits, shoes and leather goods from T-Michael's namesake label, as well as a carefully curated selection of Scandinavian mid-century furniture by Modern Tribute. When in London make sure to step into the elegant universe of Norwegian Rain, and what better place to do so in another city (next to Bergen — the rainiest city of the world) renown for its rain. [ Continue reading ]

RAINS Autumn/Winter 2015

Although the current summer in The Netherlands granted us a fair share of sunshine already, like every year in the lowlands we can't get away from a hefty rain shower now and then. The field of elegant choices when it comes to rainwear for these kind of days has expanded significantly over the last few years and Copenhagen-based RAINS has been one of the brands in that field which we have been following since it was founded in 2012. The new Autumn/Winter 2015 collection shows everything what the brand has been setting apart since it arrived: understated sophistication and technical fabrication, sharp cut modern raincoats in different lengths and colors and an extraordinary 100% waterproof bag collection - which we particularly appreciate. [ Continue reading ]

Inspirations — Ricky Hendry

We are major New York City-based ISAORA fans since we found out about their extraordinary rainwear collection, which was released earlier this year. The brand was founded by the very talented Ricky Hendry (pictured left) and Marc Daniels who both were itching to start a new venture in spite of the rather downward economical circumstances when they began in 2009. Although it certainly wasn't an easy road, in 2013 Ricky and Marc were the winners of the Council on Fashion Designers’ Incubator, “designed to support the next generation of fashion designers in New York City,” signifying both designers’ strong drive and will to succeed in finding strong intrinsic roots to let their brand grow, which was also noticed  by the CFDA. In its starting years the brand was sold at high-end boutiques like Barney's New York and Opening Ceremony, but since two seasons they sell directly to its customer online, with this season as a significant marking point, with the different collections clearly arranged under the monikers Movebetter, Trainbetter, Feelbetter, Staywarmbetter and the extraordinary Staydrybetter collection. Being highly inspired by Ricky and Marc's beautiful products and bold approach we've asked Ricky a couple of question in order to find out what inspires him, both in the past, his work, and in every-day life. [ Continue reading ]

Norwegian Rain Spring/Summer 2014

With summers in the Netherlands being very unpredictable (although we can't complain now) it's wise to have good rainwear all year around and our favourite Norwegian Rain succeeds once more in delivering a very impressive collection. The look-book for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2014 collection, again, is a lovely one. Shot by regular Norwegian Rain collaborator Bent René Synnevåg and styled by Emely Catherina Skjelbred Murray it perfectly resonate the eye for detail, the amazing fabrics and beautiful colour palette. [ Continue reading ]

Stutterheim – Arholma Grön

The must-have for this season is definitely this new Arholma Grön (or ‘British Racing Green’, ‘Forest Green’, ‘Weed Green’) raincoat by Stutterheim. Together with off-white lining in the very best cotton and straps in the same quality and colour, this is THE coat to hide both… [ Continue reading ]

Norwegian Rain

It's not really a day for raincoats here in the Netherlands, but these will definitely cover you for snow, glazed frost and ice storms as well. Norwegian Rain just released their second collection of high-tech and fashionable raincoats, made of 100% recycled textiles of Japan, cashmere and organic cottons. Neatly designed with hidden air holes, water tunnel, sealed seams and only 270 numbered limited editions it is really a must have for every man. [ Continue reading ]

Bright jackets

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My favorite autumn and winter jackets, put together in the dutch Bright Magazine issue 36. Clockwise: The new interpretation of the duffel coat by Soulland; the return of the Rocky Mountain Featherbed; celebrating 180 years of Woolrich with… [ Continue reading ]