RAINS Autumn/Winter 2015

Although the current summer in The Netherlands granted us a fair share of sunshine already, like every year in the lowlands we can’t get away from a hefty rain shower now and then. The field of elegant choices when it comes to rainwear for these kind of days has expanded significantly over the last few years and Copenhagen-based RAINS has been one of the brands in that field which we have been following since it was founded in 2012. The new Autumn/Winter 2015 collection shows everything what the brand has been setting apart since it arrived: understated sophistication and technical fabrication, sharp cut modern raincoats in different lengths and colors and an extraordinary 100% waterproof bag collection – which we particularly appreciate.

Acknowledging the need for aesthetic practicality, RAINS takes its inspiration from the diversity and colorfulness of modern city life to create a new interpretation of the traditional raincoat.

For the Autumn/Winter 2015 collection RAINS extends its color palette to include a taupe color, with a unique mat surface – a Soil color, which can be found throughout the whole collection. The brand also adds to its already impressive accessories collection for Autumn/Winter 2015, with the Tote bag, and Day bag, both containing new details in both design and technical solutions. The Tote bag is a feminine interpretation of the classic bag style. The Day bag is a sporty and fresh alternative to the Back Pack style, completing the understated expression

RAINS’ catalogue comprises of the Essentials, Apparel, Signature and Accessories collections. The Essential line captures the classic, timeless styles and colours recurring from season to season and is the DNA of RAINS. The Apparel line combines the rain jacket expression with dynamic and functional features, from their practically placed snap buttons to technical rubber fitting. The Signature collection includes the most contemporary designs, which are constantly challenging rainwear interpretations. And finally; the tremendous RAINS Accessories collection is designed to keep life’s essentials safe and dry. The collection includes the Backpack, the Runner bag, the Travel bag, the Tote bag, the Day bag and the MSN bag.

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