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Last week Areaware, the New York manufacturer of Ursa the Bear (a.o.), released their new catalog. They invited me to write a little piece for their Object Stories – ‘about the ways we become attached to the things we live with, how we develop emotional connection… [ Continue reading ]

Another Gift Guide Preview 2014 x Nuji

This year was a very special one for us as we finally opened Our Current Obsessions, with the exhibition named NOIR as the debut edition. To celebrate NOIR one last time, we decided that everything turns black in our annual Another Gift Guide once more. Like last year, we’ve selected a number of our favorites from the Guide which are exclusively previewed by our friends at Nuji. In this year's Gift Guide one will find some names which we proudly introduced in the course of NOIR and some additions, forming the definite final chapter of our obsession with the color black. For those who followed the first OCO one will find familiar names like GERTRUD & GEORGE, AcneJR, Floris Hovers, Sort of Coal, the beautiful 'Tom Ford' book, the Kaweco Sport, and our favorite hand wash by Aesop. But also this year's extraordinary discovery: ISAORA's one-of-a-kind nylon Mac coat,  Killspencer's mini indoor basketball and Globetrotter's 33" black suitcase are included, amongst others. Enjoy this preview and stay tuned for the whole Gift Guide which we'll present from today until the 25th of December in high speed. [ Continue reading ]

Our Current Obsessions Nº 1 – NOIR

Last Friday was a very special day. After a lot of hard work over the course of the last couple of months we were finally able to open a next chapter in the AS&Co universe: a tactile space that will be open for the public named Our Current Obsessions. The new space, which also houses the studio, can in many ways be seen as a direct result of what has been created online since the eruption of Another Something in 2009, but with more focus in its purpose. Our Current Obsessions will hybridize the traditional concept of an art gallery with a retail-space, always based around one particular theme in which we will take a deep-dive both off- and online. Located right at the mouth of one of Amsterdam's main canals, it is a little dream come true that finally our love for the ‘beauty of cultures’ can be touched and shared in the analogue world. [ Continue reading ]

Curated Nº 6 — Cubebot

New York-based designer David Weeks has proven, for many years now, to be a highly creative spirit. The designer has a very high level of production, from beautiful minimalist sofas and chairs to a nicely balanced mobile lamp. But our favorite of all his work are the wooden animals and robots that he makes in collaboration with Areaware. The first animal he ever produced was a bear of almost 35 inches high, made of 17 pieces of beech wood, put together by elastic. A beautiful and clever creature, who was able to stand in all kinds of positions.  Afther the bear came a gorilla, an elephant, a rhinoceros, a crocodile, a pig, and eventually, as it is bound to happen everywhere at one point, the robot entered the scene. [ Continue reading ]

Balancing Blocks

I saw them before and bought my pack back in Toronto when I visited Holt Renfrew’s 175th birthday, and I’m happy to see Areaware is now giving it a bigger audience. I’m talking about the balancing blocks by Gregory Buntain and Ian Collings’ Fort Standard. ‘Their… [ Continue reading ]

Rhino by Karl Zahn

We simply love these animal boxes by Karl Zahn. This Rhino, made with sustainably harvested new growth beech wood, is one of our favorite. On the shelf, it is sculpture. On the side table, it’s a totem. On the counter, it offers a hiding spot. They are all… [ Continue reading ]

Lucy the Crocodile

Big fans as we are of the work of David Weeks Studio for Areaware we are happy to see there’s a new member added to the family. Meet Lucy the Crocodile. A beautiful 20″ long wooden crocodile with moveable limbs and a jaw that opens and closes, made… [ Continue reading ]

Animal Boxes

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Nº 04. The Whale and Lhama Animal Boxes, designed by Karl Zahn. Available at Areaware. [ Continue reading ]

Hugo the Wild Boar

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Ursa the Bear was sold out completely at Another Shop, and I was planning to get some new stock when this came by. A collaboration between two of my favorite brands, Areaware and Monocle, designed by David Weeks Studio (the designer of Ursa… [ Continue reading ]


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I love Areaware, the well curated shop full of beautiful treasures. They just added this nice ‘toy’ by New York based designer Harry Allen. ‘The beauty of any pickup truck is its utilitarian aesthetic – four strong wheels and the capacity to haul cargo. Cast… [ Continue reading ]

Ursa the bear

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I am very proud to carry Ursa the Bear by David Weeks in Anothershop. My little son instantly fell in love with this beautiful sustainably harvested beech wood bear of more than 34 cm high (in standing position). He started to growl and made ominous arm… [ Continue reading ]

Bright Kids

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A new article by Anothersomething in Bright Magazine. This time focused on all the beautiful toys and gadgets for your little love. Clockwise: Moov, Playshapes (soon available at Anothershop), Barino, Joolz Day,… [ Continue reading ]


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I’m a fan of the wooden toys by Brooklyn-based designer David Weeks for Areaware. This time he collaborated with Kidrobot to create a wooden version of the Dunny toy. This limited edition beauty (only five were fashioned) is hand-hewn and sanded from zebra-striped hard… [ Continue reading ]